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QHow do you ex­er­cise and eat right when you’re busy?

A.The best way to an­swer this is to take you through my own typ­i­cal day…

6AM Wake up, feed my 18-month-old son Axel and have a cuppa while chat­ting to [part­ner] Steve about din­ner. That way I can take some­thing out of the freezer or grab it from the shops later. It’s im­por­tant to plan, oth­er­wise it will get to 6pm and the steaks won’t be de­frosted or the fridge will be empty. And then what hap­pens? Take out.

7AM Eat a small banana before an 8km run. If it’s not a run, it will be a walk with Axel in the pram or a work­out in the park with Axel and our dog, Paddy. I won’t al­ways have an hour to burn so I have my go-to 10-, 20- and 30-minute work­outs. I’d rec­om­mend ev­ery­one else has those, too. On days when I can’t even get to the park, I’ll work out in our lounge room.

8AM Eat two poached eggs on sour­dough toast with av­o­cado and spinach. This is a killer break­fast that keeps me full un­til 1pm, or even 2pm on some days. It’s got ev­ery­thing you need: good fats, car­bo­hy­drates, pro­tein and phy­tonu­tri­ents in the spinach. It’s tasty, too.

9AM Work from home. If we need gro­ceries, I’ll pop Axel in the pram and jog there and back. If there are any house­hold chores to do, I’ll even turn those into a work­out by do­ing them as fast as I can with mu­sic pump­ing.

12PM Head out to a work event with my own lunch. Left­overs are great. The other day there was some osso bucco in the fridge, so I took that in a con­tainer with a salad. If you’re at a sand­wich shop, choose grainy or sour­dough bread, then load up on all the veg­eta­bles.

3PM Work from home for a few hours, then feed and bath Axel. I eat well at meals so I don’t tend to get hun­gry in be­tween. If I do snack, I’ll grab four dates and some macadamias or a piece of fruit.

7PM Eat din­ner – some­thing like grilled fish and salad with kale, pine nuts, fetta, quinoa, lemon juice and olive oil. Din­ner is al­ways pro­tein and veg at our house, with a veg­e­tar­ian meal once a week.

9PM Brush teeth and bed. I al­ways look for ways to fit in more ac­tiv­ity. Lately I’ve been do­ing lunges while brush­ing my teeth! Do you have a ques­tion for Michelle? Email us at feed­[email protected]­

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