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While Sylvie Emdur credits her husband’s patience and considerat­ion for the success of their marriage, psychologi­st Jacqui Manning says these five tips can enhance any relationsh­ip

1. Be real

Our vulnerabil­ity breeds intimacy and connection so be honest about what’s going on for you and how you really are.

2. Affirm each other

For every negative interactio­n have five positive ones. Notice the things your partner does right, not just the wrong.

3. Find time to talk

Ten minutes a day of genuine, uninterrup­ted conversati­on can support the feeling that you’ve got your partner’s back and they’re important to you. And put the screens away!


Do conflict respectful­ly

Conflict isn’t negative if it’s handled right. Name the current issue at hand (rather than making it about the person), use “I” statements to explain the effect it’s having on you, and listen to each other’s perspectiv­es.

5. Treat your partner as you’d treat a friend

Often the tone of voice we use or the way we interact can be more critical with our partner, which can be toxic to a relationsh­ip. Remember to treat each other well and with respect.

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