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“Life works in exactly the opposite way from what we’ve been taught”

Rhonda Byrne explains how she knew her book The Secret would “sweep the world” – and why negativity is just an illusion

- INTERVIEW BY ADRIENNE TAM The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne (HarperColl­ins, $34.99) is out now.

Your 2006 self-help book in which you explain that the law of attraction and a person’s thoughts are enough to shape their destiny – was a phenomenon that ended up being published in 58 countries and sold more than 35 million copies. Did you anticipate its popularity? I had no doubt The Secret would sweep the world and change people’s lives, not only because I had visualised it, but also because I knew that when people discovered the power they have to create their life the way they want it, the informatio­n had to take off. The beautiful thing about The Secret is that we didn’t do any marketing. It spread around the world from one person telling another. It’s important to add that even though I knew what would happen with The Secret around the world, when it did happen it was still absolutely amazing. And it continues to be so to this very day.

The Secret Oprah Winfrey is a big advocate of your book. Why?

I remember when I first met with Oprah. She told me that she had been sharing these things with her staff and everyone around her for over 10 years, but she didn’t know it was called The Secret! As for everybody else, it touched and inspired everyone because it works. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if you want a house, car, perfect partner, to have a baby, to pass exams, get a promotion, get a pay rise, regain health or relationsh­ips, or whatever it is anyone wants – the same principles work for everything.

What do you say to those who have a negative reaction to the book?

Everybody gets to choose how they live their lives and how they react to life, and if people choose to react negatively to The Secret then that’s their choice.

I’m totally fine with it. Everyone is precious, including any detractors.

Your new book The Greatest Secret is the long-in-coming follow-up. What are the lessons from this new work? While The Secret shows you how you can be, do, or have anything you want, The Greatest Secret shows you how to be free of negative thoughts and negative feelings forever so that you can live your life in true happiness, which is our very own nature. My entire journey from The Secret onward is contained in The Greatest Secret, including the wisdom of some incredible teachers, scientists and philosophe­rs from around the world who played a huge role in my journey of discovery. There are most certainly huge revelation­s contained in its pages, but there are also simple, lifechangi­ng, “no fail” practices.

Put simply, and without giving away all the secrets in the book of course, what can we do to live a happier life?

Life works in exactly the opposite way from the way we’ve been told and taught. We’re taught to put a lot of effort into everything, to fight what we don’t want, to judge and condemn what’s “bad”, and to fear the unknown. And yet none of those things are true. When you know the truth, you’ll know that there’s nothing to fear.

What are the three things we should all do so that we go into 2021 more enriched and fulfilled? Don’t believe negative thoughts – they’re not true. Don’t resist negative feelings – just notice them and allow them to be present and they will dissolve quickly. Think more about what you want than what you don’t want – and that’s what you’ll get.

Rhonda Byrne

“When I met Oprah, she told me she had been sharing these things for years”

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