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Masked crusaders

Kelsey Ferencak says all it takes is 10 minutes to soothe and brighten your skin, from top to tum


Sulwhasooa­soo FirstCareF­irstCare ActivatinA­ctivating Mask,

$80 for pack of 5,

A K-beauty favourite, these sheet masks are infused with Sulwhasoo’s JAUM Balancing Complex to bring balance back to all skin types by targeting dryness, dullness and uneven texture.

Innisfree SSuper VolcanicVl­i PoreP Clay Mask 2X,

$22, adorebeaut­ With 22 global beauty awards under its belt, this clay mask has reached cult status for its pore-purifying prowess. Volcanic clusters from Korea’s Jeju Island absorb oil, dirt and impurities to help refine and clean skin.

Muff Masque The Soother, other,

$21, revolveclo­ Intimate care is becoming ng more mainstream and new products oducts are popping up all the time. Free ee of nasties and soaked in plant-based i ingredient­s di t like aloe vera, olive and coconut oils, this sheet mask is the ideal post-bikini-wax treat to soothe the delicate skin down there.

Frank F Body Charcoal Body Scrub + Mask,

$19.95, This dual-action deep-cleansing number acts as an exfoliant and mask in one. Detoxifyin­g charcoal and kaolin clay draw out dirt and impurities while the gritty blend of coffee, pumice and walnut shell lift dry and dead skin.

Dfine Worldld Chinhi Liftingifi Mask, $39.99 for pack of 3,

Stretch this specialise­d mask across your jaw and chin, and loop over your ears to deliver the lifting and toning ingredient­s of glycerin, hydrolysed collagen, vitamin E and tartaric acid directly to their target area.

Madré Belly Mask, $69.95, madreaustr­

Formulated for pregnancy, the nourishing and firming ingredient­s in this belly mask help to improve skin elasticity, soothe itchiness and irritation, and prevent stretch marks while your body changes shape.

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