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How to keep your neck in good nick

Kelsey Ferencak discovers new ways to tighten and tone that “turkey neck”


It’s an unfortunat­e fact of life that the skin below our jaw ages faster than that on our face. And more annoyingly, that the sagging, crêpey skin and wrinkles are often more pronounced and harder to treat. There are plenty of factors at play: the skin there is thinner; it’s under constant strain from stretching and looking at screens, aka “tech neck”; it’s regularly overlooked and under-protected – how often do you forget to apply that sunscreen or skincare product below the chin? But thanks to high-tech innovation, there are tools, topicals and treatments to stop that turkey neck in its tracks.

The treatments The non-invasive face lift

Using a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), this treatment has been dubbed the “non-surgical face lift” thanks to its tightening, lifting and sculpting capabiliti­es. The technology delivers focused ultrasound energy into layers of the skin, causing it to heat up and stimulatin­g cells to produce more collagen. This boost in collagen then helps to plump out wrinkles, and firm and tighten the skin. The technology can be used all over the face, or along the jawline to target sagging skin and undefined contours. What it feels like: There are three levels of treatment, with each one targeting a different layer of skin and becoming more intense than the last. Depending on your pain threshold, you can feel anything from a slight warming and tingling to more of a deep ache.

The results: Best results can be seen within six to eight weeks, with a slight change in definition noticed immediatel­y after. Upkeep is annual.

The price: Ultraforme­r HIFU, from $220 per session; visit

PDO mono threadlift

Last November, US actor Eva Mendes posted a graphic photo on her Instagram account of her having a mono-threading treatment, with seven syringe-like needles implanted along the underside of her jawline. Mono-threading, also called a PDO mono threadlift, inserts floating biocompati­ble threads into the skin to tighten the area, and these are replaced a few months later with collagen strands. The process is ideal for gently tightening and toning sagging contours, or as a preventive procedure. It doesn’t lift, as such, but instead stimulates collagen production to prevent loss of elasticity. What it feels like: The pain is minimal, and a topical anaestheti­c can be applied to make it virtually pain-free. However, some bruising and swelling is common. The results: One treatment can last between one and two years, with upkeep sessions as needed.

The price: PDO mono threadlift, from $2200 per session; visit themansecl­


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