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When Australian model Robyn Lawley fell down the stairs of her home in mid-2018 – due to a seizure caused by the autoimmune disease lupus – she was left permanentl­y scarred. Rather than hide the lightning-bolt shaped mark on her forehead, and the ones on her lip and chin, Lawley embraced them. “Scars are part of the tapestry of life. That may sound a bit lame, but if you’ve survived accidents or brushes with death, the scars those experience­s leave behind are nothing compared with the fact that you made it out alive,” Lawley tells Body+Soul. “I wish we could embrace our scars as badges of honour, rather than feel the need to erase and perfect every perceived blemish or flaw. We are human beings, not dolls. I’m going to continue to rock my Harry Potter scar and embrace it as the conversati­on-starter that it is.”

Robyn Lawley’s podcast Every Body: Surviving & Thriving In A Body Shaming World is available only on Audible Australia from March 23.

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