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As a free diver, Australian model Astrid Holler knows a bit about being in the moment. “Before I dive, I need to be calm

– I clear my mind and relax my body. Free diving is a sport where you can’t have your mind racing, otherwise you’ll run out of oxygen quickly,” she tells Body+Soul. “As I descend, I’m present in every moment, every kick and every feeling that surrounds me. It’s taught me to be present and has a positive effect on my mental state, both below and above the ocean surface.” Free diving has also helped Holler realise the impact of climate change on Australia’s reefs, which is why she’s also an ambassador for Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. “Knowing that I’m making a difference has had a huge impact on my mental state and sense of wellbeing.” Find more informatio­n at greatreefc­

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