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Sam Wood chooses single mum Snezana Markoski on The Bachelor (2015): Sexologist and relationsh­ip expert Nikki Goldstein says: “So-called ‘baggage’ shouldn’t be off-putting. It’s how you treat and feel about each other that matters.”

Boys’ night on Married At First Sight turns into a night of sexist comments about their wives (2017): “The outdatedne­ss and outrageous­ness of ‘boys will be boys’ is dead, as it should always have been,” says Jacqui Manning, aka

The Friendly Psychologi­st.

Brad Clarke’s controllin­g behaviour towards thenfiancé­e Tallena Johnston on Seven Year Switch (2017): “Sometimes it takes an outside view to highlight issues and problems,” Goldstein says.

Tayla Damir chooses to share the Love Island prize money with Grant Crapp, who turned out to have a girlfriend (2018): “Being true to your heart may not always look like you won, but stay in your own lane with your own values and things will work out,” Manning says.

Abbie Chatfield is rejected by Matt Agnew on The Bachelor (2019): “I was heartbroke­n, and my reaction was how

I’d respond in a real life,” says Chatfield. “In previous seasons, the dumpee is told the bad news, and tends to walk away. I now realise we weren’t right for each other.”

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