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USRF for Cellulite Reduction treatment, from $199 per session,

Combining low-frequency ultrasound (US) fat cavitation with radio frequency (RF), this high-tech treatment targets fat cells and skin texture – the primary contributi­ng factors to the appearance of cellulite. “RF energy works by selectivel­y increasing the temperatur­e of the fat cells, both those that have broken through connective tissue to form cellulite and those at a deeper level,” explains Body Sculpting Clinics co-founder Dominika Gialouris. “Fat cavitation disrupts [and destroys] fat-cell membranes. After the treatment, the fat-cell size is physically reduced, reducing the appearance of cellulite.” However, it is a temporary solution and you may need top up treatments as your skin texture and fat cells change. “The longevity of the treatment depends on your metabolism as well as other factors such as age and weight,” says Gialouris.

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