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Ien­joyed read­ing the ar­ti­cle on long-dis­tance flights (Es­cape, March 25) and will use some of the ad­vice given on my next trip. How­ever, I was sur­prised that sim­ply get­ting up and walk­ing the length of the plane was not men­tioned as a form of ex­er­cise. I did this on my way home from Hawaii and, near the rear door, met a group of peo­ple do­ing the same. We had all been at the same luau and it was great to share our ex­pe­ri­ences. HE­LEN BROWN


When­ever I am trav­el­ling, I al­ways pack a large black garbage bag in my lug­gage. It’s great for putting my dirty laun­dry in or cov­er­ing my suit­case if I am caught out in the rain. It’s light and takes up no room.

I al­ways carry a garbage bag in my back­pack when I’m hik­ing. It can be used to cover my pack in the rain or to keep valu­ables dry in­side my bag. KAYLEEN JAMES


Pack­ing for both cold and warm cli­mates can be dif­fi­cult. When trav­el­ling to the UK, I bought large jack­ets, jumpers and gloves from an op shop and then gave them back to the shop be­fore leav­ing.

That way I had space in my suit­case for my sum­mer clothes for the next des­ti­na­tion. JAYNE NEUBAUER


If you are stay­ing in hos­tels, pack a head­light. It al­lows you to read in bed and go to the bath­room at night. It’s of­ten dif­fi­cult to find the light switch if you are only stay­ing a night. EMMA CRAMERI


With­draw cash from an ATM con­nected to a bank. If there is an is­sue, visit the in­side of the bank and talk di­rect with staff.

When hand­ing over any cash, count out by hand, note by note. This way, any se­cu­rity cam­eras will pick up ex­actly what hap­pened. JU­DITH BOND


In­stead of be­ing caught with­out enough cash or a credit card when I’m shop­ping, I put a cou­ple of large notes and a credit card into a small, zipped, fab­ric purse and at­tach it to the in­side of my skirt or pants at the waist with a nappy pin so it can’t be seen. That way I don’t risk los­ing too much if my bag is snatched from me. The rest of my valu­ables are left in the safe of my ho­tel room. DIANNE SMITH


My travel ad­vice for women is to take a light­weight sarong on any flight as this be­comes a scarf to keep your neck warm, a light blan­ket, head cover from any bright lights or peo­ple mov­ing around in the plane, beach at­tire over your bikini, beach pil­low when you roll it up, and shade for the beach when it is scorch­ing hot.

If your air­line mis­places your lug­gage and it has to be de­liv­ered the fol­low­ing day then it could be nightwear too. MAXEEN LEE



Whale Shark whis­perer. My child­hood dream come true. Os­lob, Cebu, Philip­pines.

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