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Populate your 2021 calendar with travel plans that say goodbye to the old and hello to a brand-new year, writes Craig Tansley


While a global pandemic might’ve temporaril­y stopped us in our tracks, there’s no doubt Covid-19 has made us aware of just how important travel is in our lives. And now that 2020 is officially behind us we can reset and embrace 2021’s endless possibilit­ies.

Domestic tourism is set to boom, with many Australian­s venturing to city and regional locations they hadn’t considered before. The promise of a

New Zealand bubble has Tasman hoppers shouting

“kia ora”, while others await adventures to the South Pacific and South-East Asia. It’s going to be a big year for wandering so start your planning (and booking) now. With the likes of hipster-filled music festivals, wilderness immersion and glamorous sporting events to choose from, mark your calendars and pack your bags.

 ??  ?? Swimming with a whale shark, Ningaloo Marine Park, WA
Swimming with a whale shark, Ningaloo Marine Park, WA

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