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Lucky roll of the dice


I would like to thank the Escape reader who, a while ago, suggested the “dice trip”. My friend and I packed my car for a week, rolled the dice and went to Bendigo. We decided to stay for two nights – there’s a lot to see there. Most amazing was visiting the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion. We rolled the dice again and went to Yarrawonga, where we travelled the Northeast Victoria Silo Art Trail. We rolled the dice twice more, staying at Wodonga and Echuca for two nights each. We decided staying for two nights suited us older travellers more. We were so happy to be able to support regional areas after a difficult year. It was a great suggestion and we plan to do it again.

Dianne Russo

“One of Australia’s top campsites is 14 Mile at Warroora Station, Coral Bay, WA. You step out of your front door and into the most beautiful water in Australia.” Ally Piper

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