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One of the most interestin­g things about Escape is the diversity of our audience’s needs. Each week, unique questions are submitted by you, our readers, on a far-ranging array of topics, mostly to the encyclopae­dic mind that is Doc Holiday, but also to our editorial team in general. So much so, we decided to base an entire cover story around it.

Our team fondly called it “Extra, extra” and you can “read all about it” inside. We know that getting that extra informatio­n from trusted sources can make or break a trip, whether it’s how or where to travel with pets, locating day spas for dogs or a doctor at a destinatio­n. You might need somewhere that suits extra-large families, or a tour or experience that accommodat­es solo travellers. Maybe you, or a family member, have special needs or a disability to consider, or the trip you’re attempting requires specialist advice. Hopefully you’ll find the answers to some of these questions here– or, at the very least, how to get “extras” out of your trip. It all counts.

As we were going to print this week, I reflected on what was a week of contrasts. From the flood waters finally subsiding to the exhilarati­on of landmark openings such as the opera La Traviata and its glittering chandelier suspended against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour to Hamilton’s much-anticipate­d debut, all amid the news that Brisbane had entered another lockdown. Talk about a time of highs and lows. So seems to be our way of life right now, and our resilience while dealing with change has seen Australian­s adapt and do our best to go about our lives.

Despite this, travel has begun to rebound, and March has seen the best week of growth in the market since Covid hit. My hope now is that cruising companies are able to resume sailing in June and that the ban is not extended. The work the industry has done to set new standards of care and hygiene is exemplary. As I wandered around packed hotels and airports last week, it seemed that cruising – even within one’s own state – is the last industry to be allowed to get moving. We know that consumers want it – many cruises are booked out and sales are unpreceden­ted. Fingers crossed that this last titan of the travel industry will be able to join the rest of the country by mid-year and you can safely have that trip of a lifetime you’ve been planning.

In the meantime, let us know if you have more questions – we may be able to do an “Extra, extra” part two if you need – and have a happyand safe Easter.

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 ??  ?? La Traviata on Sydney Harbour.
La Traviata on Sydney Harbour.

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