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SAGIT­TAR­IUS (Novem­ber 23–De­cem­ber 21)

What hap­pens when you climb to the top of the moun­tain? First, you climb down again. Then you find an­other moun­tain to climb! All vic­to­ries even­tu­ally be­come mem­o­ries – as do all tragedies. Re­cently you had some­thing to cel­e­brate. Now you can’t re­mem­ber why it seemed so ex­cit­ing. What did it mean? How did it feel? The sol­stice brings a re­minder of what’s good and shines a light on your next ad­ven­ture. Give your­self a treat this Christ­mas. Call your in­spir­ing new fore­cast: 1900 957 223.

CAPRI­CORN (Dec 22–Jan 20)

Imag­ine you’re Beethoven and you’re com­pos­ing a piece of music. Then some­one comes along and hits a note on your har­mo­nium. Will you say, “It wasn’t quite the har­mony I was look­ing for, but I guess it will do”? Or will you re­ject it? Of course you will. These things mat­ter, as do your choices. Luck­ily, you’re com­ing to the height of your pow­ers. Merry Christ­mas! If it loses its sparkle, call for good news: 1900 957 223.

AQUARIUS ( Jan 21–Feb 19)

We can all find fault with the gov­ern­ment. We don’t need a de­gree in pol­i­tics to do it. We just have to go to a bar and buy a beer. This gives us li­cence to share our opin­ions. We can find fault with our­selves, too. But just be­cause we can do this eas­ily, it doesn’t mean we’re cor­rect when we do. As Mer­cury turns ret­ro­grade, don’t point fin­gers, and don’t let them point at you. Need some Christ­mas cheer? Call 1900 957 223.

PISCES (Feb 20–Mar 20)

Credit card providers warn about iden­tity theft. An un­for­tu­nate term, it im­plies that some­one can take “you” away from “you”. Yet no­body can ever take our sense of self. You’re you, and that’s won­der­ful. Right now, it’s es­pe­cially good. It en­ti­tles you to take ac­tion based on what only you know. Be con­fi­dent that your de­ci­sions will be good ones. Need heart­warm­ing news? Call for your new Christ­mas fore­cast: 1900 957 223.

ARIES (Mar 21–Apr 20)

Even if you win the rat race, you’ll still be a rat! That’s often lost on those who strive for suc­cess in busi­ness or pol­i­tics. Even those of us with less lofty goals for­get why we’re do­ing what we’re do­ing. We’re so caught up in fight­ing our bat­tles that we feel as if noth­ing else mat­ters. When some­one asks, “Why are you even

do­ing this?” we get an­noyed. But, as your ruler changes signs, it’s a ques­tion worth ask­ing. I have a mes­sage that will make Christ­mas sparkle. Call 1900 957 223.

TAU­RUS (Apr 21–May 21)

Life isn’t al­ways fair, but nor is it al­ways un­fair. Right now, at least, there’s a strong ce­les­tial sug­ges­tion that life is about to start treat­ing you fairly. In one sen­si­tive area, you’ll feel re­ally sure that jus­tice is be­ing done. As a weight lifts from your shoul­ders, this be­comes your op­por­tu­nity to help bring about a more just sit­u­a­tion for some­one else. Be ready for the gifts Christ­mas can bring you. Give me a call: 1900 957 223.

GEM­INI (May 22–Jun 22)

If it looks good, sounds good and feels good, what can be so bad about it? There are many in­dul­gent ac­tiv­i­ties for which we pay a price. So we can’t con­clude that some­thing is au­to­mat­i­cally fine just be­cause it seems that way. But as Mer­cury turns ret­ro­grade, it’s time to let go of your fear. Trust that you re­ally do know what’s good for you. Have a won­der­ful Christ­mas. Need a broader per­spec­tive? Call 1900 957 223.

CAN­CER ( Jun 23–Jul 23)

“Know thy­self.” My un­cle Jonathan quoted this maxim often. Here’s an­other he em­ployed: “Know thine en­emy.” Like him, I wouldn’t like to en­cour­age any­one to feel they have an en­emy. But, this week, con­sider the pos­si­bil­ity that you have an en­emy in a broader sense; not a per­son, but an ex­pec­ta­tion that’s work­ing against you. Un­der­stand it and you can de­feat it. Merry Christ­mas? It should be. Call 1900 957 223.

LEO ( Jul 24–Aug 23)

Con­flicts tend to be self-per­pet­u­at­ing. If oth­ers seem to be crit­i­cis­ing us, we look for faults in them. If some­one dis­agrees with us, we are dis­agree­able in re­turn. Let’s look at a sit­u­a­tion that’s be­come un­nec­es­sar­ily tense. Don’t do more of what’s al­ready not work­ing. The sol­stice brings a chance to do some­thing un­ex­pected and po­ten­tially mag­i­cal. Of­fer an olive branch. Reach for har­mony! There’s a fore­cast filled with fes­tive fun wait­ing for you. Call 1900 957 223.

VIRGO (Aug 24–Sep 23)

On the smor­gas­bord of life, some dishes are so pop­u­lar you have to fight your way to the front of the buf­fet and wait till the pots are re­filled be­fore you can have a taste. But some peo­ple pre­fer the other end of the ta­ble, where there’s less of a queue and more chal­leng­ing cre­ations. You’re not about to be handed all you want on a plate, but there’s space at the prefer­able end of the buf­fet. Need some Christ­mas cheer? Call 1900 957 223.

LI­BRA (Sep 24–Oct 23)

Some sci­en­tists say there was noth­ing in the uni­verse be­fore the Big Bang. How do they know? It’s not as if they fig­ured they had all the time in the world to work it out! The Big Bang de­nies the ex­is­tence of eter­nity. Your cur­rent per­cep­tion of time needs to change. As Mer­cury turns ret­ro­grade, don’t let the past bind you to a fixed fu­ture. See your sit­u­a­tion in a dif­fer­ent way and it will turn out dif­fer­ently. Make this a Christ­mas to re­mem­ber. Call 1900 957 223.

SCOR­PIO (Oct 24–Nov 22)

Some­times peo­ple can’t get prop­erly close to each other un­til they’ve had an ar­gu­ment. It’s only after they’ve done bat­tle that they feel able to de­velop trust. That’s a strange process, but one you must re­spect if you want to deepen your re­la­tion­ship with a par­tic­u­lar per­son. Al­low­ing the wrong things to be said may help to bring clar­ity. It’s OK to be wrong for the right rea­sons! Merry Christ­mas? It should be. Call 1900 957 223.

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