Life ad­vice Stylist Jules Se­bas­tian on rais­ing healthy kids.

For JULES SE­BAS­TIAN and her hus­band Guy, try­ing to get their two young boys to eat health­ier was of­ten hit and miss. Then the TV pre­sen­ter and stylist, 35, dis­cov­ered that the se­cret to suc­cess starts with her

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Iused to feel the pres­sure of hav­ing to do everything, un­til I re­alised that while I was do­ing it all, I wasn’t do­ing any­thing all that well. I was al­ways su­per-rushed and in a hurry, try­ing to be ev­ery­where at once: pick­ing up the kids, talk­ing on the phone, re­ply­ing to emails. Of course I be­came over­whelmed and anx­ious. And that af­fects your re­la­tion­ships with your hus­band, your kids, your col­leagues – it af­fects your whole life.

I’ve re­cently re­alised the im­por­tance of tak­ing care of my­self in or­der to be able to take care of ev­ery­one else. Guy and I have pri­ori­tised our health, get­ting on the “exercise and eat­ing healthy” band­wagon. Ex­er­cis­ing is now some­thing I look for­ward to and en­joy. I can’t be­lieve how much be­com­ing health­ier has changed my life; I hon­estly can’t re­call what I used to get so stressed about.

Get­ting healthy is a motto that has ex­tended to the whole fam­ily. With my son Hud­son, five, in school now and Archie, three, in preschool, the morn­ing rush can make it so dif­fi­cult to throw to­gether a nu­tri­tious lunch box.

Of my sons, Archie is the fussier eater. I have learnt to put what­ever I want him to eat on the plate any­way, as some­one told me that if I kept do­ing that, one day he’ll start eat­ing them.

Some­times I hide ve­g­ies in their food; I’ll put finely-cut car­rots in spaghetti bolog­nese. I’ve also started mak­ing healthy smooth­ies for my­self and Guy, and the kids re­ally like them too. I just add a bit of jelly or honey, and they think it’s the same as an ice-cream.

It’s also a mat­ter of stick­ing to your guns and say­ing, “No, you have to fin­ish the food on your plate.” Par­ents shouldn’t be afraid to get tough with their kids’ food habits. But I’m not go­ing to rob them of eat­ing treats. I do keep it to a min­i­mum though, and use it as a re­ward.

Don’t for­get the “you” in this equa­tion; if they see you eat­ing un­healthily, it’s likely they’ll do the same. Pri­ori­tis­ing my health has changed everything about the way I live and, by ex­ten­sion, the way my fam­ily lives. We are so much hap­pier. Jules Se­bas­tian is an am­bas­sador for the H2­coco Lunch­box Range; h2­co­

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