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of eat­ing Play-Doh, singing Big Red Car and try­ing not to poo their dacks, po­lit­i­cally-savvy tod­dlers at Brunswick Kinder­garten last week took part in what was called “Blue for Nauru” Day.

The chil­dren were pho­tographed hold­ing signs read­ing “Our po­lit­i­cal lead­ers must end the harm” and “Lock­ing up chil­dren is never the an­swer”.

The chil­dren were in­ter­viewed for their thoughts on off­shore pro­cess­ing. A teacher wrote about the ses­sion in the preschool’s news­let­ter, de­tail­ing some of their re­sponses to the ques­tion: “What would you say to the politi­cians who won’t let the refugees in?”

“You are mean to the guys that can’t come and live here”; “Why aren’t they al­lowed in Aus­tralia? I don’t think they will de­stroy the coun­try”; and “I don’t like this rule” were among the kids’ com­ments.

Maybe I’m not bring­ing my kids up right, but my three-year-old has

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