Four women un­dergo live blood screen­ing and VLA Bioimpedance Anal­y­sis to find their cel­lu­lar age. By

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“I was born with­out most of my left arm. I al­ways wanted to be a per­sonal trainer and in 2009 I achieved my dream.

“Last year I bought my first pros­the­sis and my first bike. I’m now train­ing for the Lon­don Par­a­lympic Games in 2012. I train ev­ery day, in­clud­ing spin classes, re­sis­tance train­ing, yoga, Pi­lates and cy­cling.

“Break­fast is fruit with sheep’s milk yo­ghurt and sprouted grain toast with ma­cadamia nut but­ter. Lunch is salad. I snack on car­rots and hum­mus. I drink green tea and three litres of wa­ter a day. I eat fish twice a week. I have wine three days a month and dark chocolate once a week.

“I used to get de­pressed by how hard things were. Now I ap­pre­ci­ate op­por­tu­ni­ties.”

Tester’s com­ment: “Deb’s health is great. As an ath­lete, she should take co-en­zyme Q10 or lipoic acid to re­duce in­flam­ma­tion.” NINA HAR­RI­SON

AGE: 48 + CEL­LU­LAR AGE: 43


“I’m an ac­tive per­son and am on the move all day, ev­ery day. I walk my kids to and from school and ex­er­cise with a per­sonal trainer once a week.

“For break­fast I usu­ally have two scram­bled eggs and whole­meal toast. For lunch I have a cheese sand­wich with fruit. Din­ner will be some­thing like chicken, fish or red meat with veg­eta­bles. Ev­ery day I drink one litre of wa­ter, a cou­ple of cups of tea, a dou­ble short black and a glass of wine. I also take an iron sup­ple­ment.

“I feel healthy. I’m al­ways tired but I think that’s more emo­tional ex­haus­tion than phys­i­cal. I’m al­ways wor­ry­ing about my kids.”

Tester’s com­ment: “Over­all, Nina’s health is good. I rec­om­mend she does some weight-bear­ing and re­sis­tance work­outs to build mus­cle.”



AGE: 32 + CEL­LU­LAR AGE: 29


“I’m study­ing to be a fit­ness trainer, so I take my ex­er­cise and food se­ri­ously.

“I eat five to six meals a day, with pro­tein at ev­ery meal. Break­fast is two slices of whole­grain bread, eggs, spinach and cot­tage cheese. I then do weights or car­dio and have a pro­tein shake, fruit and yo­ghurt. Lunch is a slice of whole­grain bread and a tuna salad. I train in the af­ter­noon or evening most days – Pi­lates, a swim or run – then have a pro­tein shake. Din­ner is steamed ve­gies, lean pro­tein or fish. I have cof­fee most days – long blacks or espres­sos – green tea and up to four litres of wa­ter. Once a fort­night I have a glass of low-al­co­hol wine and dark chocolate.

“I feel fan­tas­tic. Like most women, I have body is­sues, but it’s a work in progress.”

Tester’s com­ment: “ Re­becca’s test sug­gests an elec­trolyte im­bal­ance, which of­ten hap­pens when peo­ple train so much.”



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“I was quite stressed a year ago, so I have been build­ing up my health since then. I also had sal­mo­nella poi­son­ing a few years ago which left me quite ill. Now I feel good.

“I try to ex­er­cise five times a week, in­clud­ing two pump classes, one spin class, one car­dio class and one swim. If I don’t ex­er­cise I put on weight.

“My boyfriend and I cook ev­ery­thing from scratch and try to avoid sugar. For break­fast I have two poached eggs on toast and a large cof­fee. For lunch I make a rocket, tuna, broc­coli and lemon juice salad. For din­ner we make a curry or lasagne with salad. I have two glasses of red wine four times a week, which is more than I would like. I also try to drink lots of wa­ter.”

Tester’s com­ment: “Lizzy has low iron lev­els and in­flam­ma­tion, pos­si­bly due to stress. But her gen­eral health is ex­cel­lent.”


Height: 164cm Weight: 55kg Body fat: 13.28kg Mus­cle mass: 21.41kg + Height: 168cm + Weight: 52kg + Body fat: 10.41kg + Mus­cle mass: 21.05kg + Height: 170cm + Weight: 75kg + Body fat: 23.04kg + Mus­cle mass: 26.65kg

+ Height: 177cm + Weight: 59kg + Body fat: 12.75kg + Mus­cle mass: 23.7kg

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