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Some peo­ple re­mem­ber many of their dreams while oth­ers barely re­mem­ber any. Some re­search sug­gests there may be bio­chem­i­cal rea­sons for the dif­fer­ences in dream re­call. If you want to im­prove your dream re­call, try these tech­niques.

As you go to sleep, re­mind


your­self you want to re­mem­ber your dreams.

Keep a notebook and pen be­side your bed to record your dreams.

If you wake from a dream in the night, write it down. If you wait un­til morn­ing, you have less chance of re­mem­ber­ing it.

In the morn­ing, be­fore get­ting up, fo­cus on re­mem­ber­ing any dreams and write them down.

If you only re­mem­ber frag­ments, write them down. Over time you should re­call more de­tails.

Per­sis­tence is es­sen­tial. It can take a while to im­prove your dream re­call.





By Dr Monique Co­henka

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