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Never run be­fore? Our pro­gram with body+soul trainer Damien Kelly will get

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Walk for four and a half min­utes and then jog for 30 sec­onds. Re­peat this pat­tern for eight rounds for a to­tal of 40 min­utes.

Tip: The speed of the jog is not im­por­tant. Just jog at a pace you can main­tain for 30 sec­onds and choose a flat route. hile the thought of run­ning nine kilo­me­tres is daunt­ing, if you chal­lenge your­self to fol­low our nine-week pro­gram, you will have one of the most re­ward­ing ex­pe­ri­ences of your life and you can then chal­lenge your­self to com­plete a fun run or half-marathon. Do each session of this first week once and add a strength workout from our main workout page as well if you’re feel­ing re­ally keen.

Workout 1 Long in­ter­vals Workout 2 Short in­ter­vals

Warm up for five min­utes. Mark out a


+ Run­ning tips +


200m course. Run the course at a good pace. Rest for two min­utes and re­peat. Do a to­tal of six sets of 200m. Your to­tal run­ning dis­tance for the day is 1.2km.

Tip: A flat grass sports ground is ideal for this workout. Go for a 1km slow jog. Walk any time you need to, but try to run as much of the dis­tance as you can. If you need to stop, walk for a short dis­tance and then start jog­ging again.

Tip: Chart a course 500m from your house. Run to this point, turn around and run back home.

Workout 3

If you’re new to run­ning, or haven’t run for a while, find a pace you can stick to for all these work­outs.

Now is a great time to buy a new pair of run­ning shoes. Go to a spe­cial­ist shop and get prop­erly fit­ted.

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