Have you started to peel off the lay­ers in prepa­ra­tion for beach weather but dis­cov­ered washed-out skin, cracked heels and a hairy jun­gle? Don’t fret! Follow our step-by-step guide to sea­son-proof your body. By Donna Dug­gan SMOOTH OUT THE BUMPS

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Sum­mer can be un­kind to your hair, with the com­bi­na­tion of sun, salt and hu­mid­ity leav­ing it rough and brit­tle. Your locks need more love at this time of year and that means ad­just­ing your rou­tine to suit. Tribe Life­style hair salon di­rec­tor Luke Smart says the key is to lock in the mois­ture, and a daily leave-in con­di­tioner with UV pro­tec­tant is a great place to start.

“Keep a mois­tur­is­ing con­di­tioner such as Aveda Dam­age Rem­edy Re­struc­tur­ing Con­di­tioner ($49, 1800 061 326) handy after days in the sun,” he says. “For those who are re­ally ac­tive in the wa­ter, I’d rec­om­mend a sham­poo that re­moves chlo­rine build-up as it can make hair dull and high­lights look life­less.”

If the heat sends your hair into a frizz, a pro­tec­tion spray will con­trol and shield it from both hot air and tools. Paul Mitchell Heat Seal ($ 20.95, 1300 365 350) is a hu­mid­i­tyre­sis­tant styling spray for straight or curly hair. If harsh win­ter air and in­door heat­ing have left your skin look­ing sal­low and dry, a hy­drat­ing treat­ment or peel can work won­ders. Th­ese prod­ucts con­tain ac­tive in­gre­di­ents that tar­get ev­ery­thing from hy­dra­tion to pig­men­ta­tion, and work by gen­tly re­mov­ing the top layer of skin to re­veal a brighter com­plex­ion.

Is oily skin a sum­mer spoiler? Re­duce shine by swap­ping your foun­da­tion for a tinted mois­turiser or min­eral pow­der. Ex­cess oil can clog the pores, so keep blem­ishes at bay by adding an oil-con­trol cleanser and mois­turiser to your rou­tine. (4) Skin Doc­tors T-Zone Pore Strips ($14.99 for 10, avail­able from Price­line) not only clean the pores but shrink them, too. Even five min­utes of sun can dam­age your skin, so ap­ply­ing sun­screen be­fore you leave the house is a must, even if the most sun you see is on the train to work. ( 6) Ul­traceu­ti­cals SunAc­tive SPF 50+ Clear Body Spray ($ 59, 1800 355 890) has a shine-free fin­ish, four hours of wa­ter re­sis­tance and is free of syn­thetic fra­grances and parabens. A hint of colour will ease you into that sum­mer wardrobe. Wait for 24 hours after shav­ing, and ex­fo­li­ate well the day prior for even cov­er­age. ( 5) Bondi Sands Grad­ual Tan­ning Foam ($19.95, bondisands.com.au) builds slowly so it’s great for a light tan or if you’re new to fake tan­ning. For a fast-act­ing tan, the new (7) St Tropez Ex­press Bronz­ing Mousse ($ 59.95, 1300 819 331) cre­ates a sun-kissed glow in one hour, and a dark bronze colour in three.

When it comes to adding colour to your face, it’s im­por­tant to use the right prod­uct to pre­vent clump­ing in your pores and at your hair­line. ( 3) PureTan Pure Bronze Ul­tra Light Feel Fa­cial Tan­ner SPF 15 ($19.95, ( 03) 9848 3039) al­lows good colour con­trol. For even cov­er­age, ap­ply a small amount of mois­turiser to your brows and hair­line be­fore ap­pli­ca­tion. For easy hair-re­moval at home, the new Nair Salon Divine Milk & Honey Roll-On Wax ($17.99, 1800 222 099) con­tains a nour­ish­ing for­mula to wax your way to silky-smooth skin.

For a longer-last­ing so­lu­tion, laser hair re­moval can keep you fuzz-free for months. Just be sure to do your re­search and have a proper con­sul­ta­tion at a rep­utable clinic that analy­ses your skin type, hair colour and med­i­cal his­tory prior to treat­ment. After months of be­ing ig­nored, your feet are likely in need of some se­ri­ous TLC. Soften cal­luses and gen­tly re­move tough skin with (1) 1000 Hour Soft­sole Exfoliating Foot Peel ($ 24.95, ( 02) 9526 0777) or ( 2) Sally Hansen Pumice Foot Pol­ish ($ 9.95, 1800 812 663). Treat any dis­coloura­tion from long-wear­ing pol­ish by rub­bing your nails with fresh le­mon.

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