TIP: For dy­namic (repet­i­tive poses) breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. For hold­ing poses breathe in and out through your nose.

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WHY This stretch­ing move tones the butt and up­per thighs and bal­ances the left-right ten­sion in the lower back to re­lease that area. HOW Lie on your belly with your legs to­gether. Prop your­self up on your fore­arms with your el­bows straight be­low your shoul­ders. Push down through your fore­arms and lift your col­lar­bone. In­hale. Ex­hale and lift your right leg off the ground (keep­ing the back of the knee straight). Hold, in­hale again and ex­tend the leg out to the right as you ex­hale. In­hale as you bring it back to the cen­tre. Do 3 slow reps on each side, then 3 more on the harder side.

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