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This restora­tive pose is great for de-stress­ing and drain­ing any fluid out of the an­kles and feet.

This is best done against a wall. For ex­tra lower back support, grab two thickly folded blan­kets or a bol­ster and place them 12-15cm away from the wall. Sit on one end of the support, your body side-on to the wall, then ex­hale as you swing your legs up onto the wall and lower your shoul­ders and head to the floor. If you feel tight in the lower back, place the support fur­ther away from the wall. Let your arms re­lax out by your side. Lift and re­lease the base of your skull away from the back of your neck and soften your throat. Rest in this po­si­tion for 5-15 mins.

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