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While a chipped nail or blotchy fake tan is pretty low on the scale of “emer­gen­cies”, they can put a damp­ener on your groom­ing ef­forts, so here are a few quick fixes for com­mon com­plaints. Why is it that these blem­ishes al­ways ap­pear at the worst pos­si­ble time? If you feel one try­ing to make its way to the sur­face, cleanse your face and then ap­ply a pu­ri­fy­ing treat­ment such as Payot Pâte Grise ($44.50, 1300 367 969) to the area overnight to get rid of the of­fend­ing spot quickly. If you wake up with a whop­per, cleanse your face and then ap­ply a dry­ing lo­tion such as (1) The Jo­joba Com­pany Spot-on Pim­ple Con­trol ($ 24.95, ( 02) 9651 3030). Fake tan can make or break your look. Ap­plied well, it can take you from tired and washed-out to celebrity gor­geous. Ap­plied poorly and it just looks aw­ful. “If you’ve ended up with a tan that’s gone wrong or patchy, swimming in salty or chlo­ri­nated wa­ter will help it fade away quickly,” Blair James, a tan­ning ex­pert and co-founder of tan­ning brand Bondi Sands, says. “A hot bath with le­mon juice will also aid in fad­ing a tan.”

To avoid a patchy tan in the first place, James says the golden rule be­fore ap­ply­ing any tan­ning prod­uct is to ex­fo­li­ate thor­oughly, “es­pe­cially in win­ter as skin is prone to dry­ness that will ‘grab’ self-tan, re­sult­ing in those un­wanted dark patches”. An ex­fo­li­at­ing mitt, such as the

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