Can’t get to the gym or short on time? This high-en­ergy car­dio work­out will de­liver quick re­sults

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Go as hard as you can in this ex­er­cise. SET-UP Mea­sure out a dis­tance of 30 me­tres, plac­ing four mark­ers at the start and at the 10-me­tre, 20-me­tre and 30-me­tre points along the way. EX­E­CU­TION Sprint as hard as you can to the 10-me­tre mark, bend down and touch the ground just past the line, then race back to the start. Re­peat to the 20-me­tre mark, sprint back to the start and go again to the 30-me­tre mark.


This core ex­er­cise also works your agility, co­or­di­na­tion and ac­cu­racy. SET-UP As­sume a push-up-ready po­si­tion, hands just wider than shoul­der-width apart. EX­E­CU­TION Start to ro­tate your hips and shoul­ders to the left so you end up rest­ing on the out­side of your right foot, plac­ing most of your weight on your right hand. Raise your left hand straight up over your shoul­der, and look up to­wards your raised hand. Keep ro­tat­ing so your hand arcs over be­hind you as you turn your shoul­ders and hips to the left and drop your hand to the floor in line with your left shoul­der, so you’re fac­ing straight up. Then re­verse the ac­tion to ro­tate back to the start­ing po­si­tion. This is 1 rep. Re­peat in the other di­rec­tion.


This is a great ex­er­cise for the sta­bilis­ers in your shoul­ders. SET-UP As­sume a push-up-ready po­si­tion, hands just wider than shoul­der-width apart, your body form­ing a straight line from head to heels, and your core tight through­out. EX­E­CU­TION Raise your right hand along­side your body to touch your right thigh, tak­ing your weight onto your left hand as you do. Re­turn your right hand to the start­ing po­si­tion and re­peat on the other side. This is 1 rep. Con­tinue, al­ter­nat­ing sides, for the com­plete set.


This is a great move for ex­plo­sive power, gen­eral con­di­tion­ing and the core mus­cles. Jump­ing up and down on the spot may look easy, but you’ll be huff­ing and puff­ing in no time. SET-UP Stand with your feet just nar­rower than shoul­der-width apart and re­lax your body. EX­E­CU­TION Bend your knees to build up some spring, then launch your­self straight up as high as you can, tuck­ing your knees up to your chest at the top of the jump. Land with bent knees to ab­sorb the im­pact, and then use the mo­men­tum to go straight into the next jump. This is 1 rep.




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