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Michele Chevalley Hedge – nutritioni­st and author of Eat, Drink & Still Shrink – advises which cocktails to indulge in and which ones to go easy on at those Yuletide parties



“Opt for daiquiris made with fresh fruits that contain vitamin C, antioxidan­ts and natural sugars. Vitamin C will help counteract the negative

effects of alcohol, too.”

Classic martini

“This will be your cleanest, and a lower-sugar, option than most cocktails, but watch out for the

alcohol content of spirits.”

Whiskey sour

“Beware of how much sugar syrup is used, and ditch the maraschino cherry and the

sugar-rimmed glass.”


“Ask the bartender to ditch

the lime sugar syrup and replace with the juice of one whole lime and add just tequila,

triple sec and lots of ice.”


“This is traditiona­lly consumed

before a meal for its bitter content to aid in digestion, but just remember not too many – the benefits of drinking

alcohol decrease as consumptio­n increases.”


“Call it mudslide or sugarslide. In any case, you’re drinking a dessert. So step away

after one.”

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