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With masks mandatory on public transport and in certain locations across Australia over the past year, there’s been more focus than ever before on our eyes. As a result, cosmetic surgeries have reported an increase in consumer demand for eye procedures. “We’ve seen a significan­t rise in demand, largely due to the prevalence of mask wearing where the focus falls to the eye area,” says leading ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Michael Zacharia, who has seen a 90 per cent spike in enquires for eye procedures at his Sydney clinic. “Our most requested procedure has been blepharopl­asty – also known as eyelid surgery, or an ‘eye lift’.

It’s a surgical procedure that can be performed under local anaestheti­c to remove excess skin from the upper lids, to open up the eyes for a fresh, natural look, or [an in-hospital] procedure where we work on the lower eye to improve sagging, baggy [skin] or wrinkles.”

Manicured hands have also been playing a role in a COVID-impacted beauty world. Sydney-based nail artist and OPI brand partner Maria Vlezko tells Body+Soul that she saw an increase in the number of women matching their nail polish to their masks, as a way “to make the new hygiene requiremen­ts, such as wearing masks, more fun for ourselves”.

Mandatory mask culture has impacted how women seek to style their locks, with hair stylist Barney Martin seeing an increase in clients at his Sydney-based salon asking for mask-friendly cuts and colours that accentuate the face. “It’s all about the fringe at the moment – it helps add individual­ity and remove the focus from the mask,” Martin says. “And personalis­ed colour – the trend is definitely about unique colours that help the skin and eyes to pop.”

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