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Dead head your roses reg­u­larly to keep them look­ing fresh and to en­cour­age more flow­ers. Rather than just cut­ting off the spent rose bloom, pick the stem slightly lower, ei­ther just above a leaf where you can see a new shoot ap­pear­ing, or if none of th­ese are vis­i­ble, pick a length of stem as if you were pick­ing a bunch of flow­ers. This light prune will keep the bush com­pact. Feed your roses with an or­ganic-based rose fer­tiliser, mak­ing sure that they are wa­tered be­fore and af­ter­wards.

Dead head sum­mer-flow­er­ing plants such as but­ter­fly bushes (Bud­dle­jas), gera­ni­ums and laven­ders for con­tin­ued flow­er­ing. A light prune at this time will en­cour­age lush new growth, but be sure to do this when the weather is too hot as you may cause some fo­liage burn.

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