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Liberals ‘lied’ over claims Labor would raze homes for O-bahn


LIBERAL Party flyers and a petition claiming the Opposition has a plan to demolish dozens of homes to make way for an O-bahn extension have been labelled “misleading and inaccurate” by the Electoral Commission­er.

The commission­er has ordered Liberal Party state director Sascha Meldrum to distribute new material, including letterboxi­ng the northeast suburbs with fresh flyers, admitting the claim was incorrect.

Labor’s government accountabi­lity spokesman Tom Koutsanton­is said: “The Liberals have been caught redhanded spreading lies across the northeaste­rn suburbs. This was a blatant attempt by the Liberal Party to frighten people into believing their home could be demolished – it doesn’t get more disgracefu­l than that.”

The flyers wrongly claimed Opposition leader Peter Malinauska­s supported a plan to demolish dozens of homes.

“Don’t let Peter Malinauska­s and State Labor destroy your home,” they read.

Commission­er Mick Sherry also ruled that a petition form linked to the material via a QR code was also inaccurate.

It suggested a decision had been made to demolish homes that required a petition to reverse it, and that filling in the form would help achieve that.

The commission­er ordered Ms Meldrum cease publishing the incorrect statements and publish corrective material “as soon as possible in the same manner and to the same extent”.

She must acknowledg­e that Labor has “indicated it would support an investigat­ion of the relevant options” for extending the O-bahn, but that it has “no current plan to do so” and therefore no plan to demolish homes. Ms Meldrum said her party was “taking advice” on the matter.

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