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TASSIE is said to be in an eco­nomic boom ... give a bit back, Will!

John Stan­field

TEACH­ERS are paid the low­est wages in the coun­try in Tas­ma­nia for such a full-on and hard job. They de­serve a fair wage and the Gov­ern­ment needs to re­spect ed­u­ca­tion more in re­gard to fund­ing.

Megan Jef­frey

I WAS at the rally in Launce­s­ton and spoke to many teach­ers. Not one was com­plain­ing about their wages, although a few men­tioned that they’d be bet­ter off tak­ing jobs else­where, but they all said the ac­tual work­load and un­paid time they spend was the real is­sue be­cause it im­pacted neg­a­tively on their stu­dents. I sup­port these teach­ers be­cause they’re fight­ing for bet­ter out­comes for the kids. Any­one who tries to spin it any other way is ei­ther disin­gen­u­ous or a dunce.

Danny Mc­Cormick

WHY are peo­ple bang­ing on about it only be­ing 2 per cent, when it is ac­tu­ally 6 per cent over three years, is it not. It’s a fair enough in­crease as it stands, I reckon.

Sal­lyn David Roberts

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