Carer’s kind act gives Mickey a sec­ond chance

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HAVE you ever thought about what would hap­pen to your beloved pet if you were too sick to look af­ter them?

Mickey’s world turned up­side down when his owner was sud­denly hos­pi­talised a few months ago.

A small Mal­tese cross, Mickey had lived hap­pily with his owner in a unit for seven years. The pair would reg­u­larly go out for break­fast to­gether and go on walks to de­liver pam­phlets in their lo­cal area.

Neigh­bours be­came con­cerned when they heard Mickey bark­ing and had not seen his owner out and about as usual. Po­lice were alerted, and the el­derly owner was found col­lapsed in his unit.

Mickey fled the scene, no doubt be­wil­dered and con­fused by the turn of events. He was picked up by coun­cil rangers and ul­ti­mately found a tem­po­rary home with Bre­anna, through an an­i­mal foster care pro­gram.

Sadly, Mickey’s owner passed away in hos­pi­tal. Over the weeks Mickey was in foster care, Bre­anna’s grand­par­ents de­vel­oped a real soft spot for him.

When they heard Mickey had no home to re­turn to, they im­me­di­ately of­fered to adopt him, and his fu­ture was safe.

Mak­ing pro­vi­sion for pets in the event we can no longer care for them our­selves is com­mon sense.

Where fam­ily, friends or neigh­bours aren’t around to help, it’s worth check­ing out an­i­mal foster care pro­grams.

Some groups of­fer tem­po­rary care or per­ma­nent re­hom­ing ser­vices and will gather de­tails on your pets’ needs, tem­per­a­ment, likes and dis­likes to help make the tran­si­tion to a new home as smooth as pos­si­ble.

Safe­guard­ing your pet’s fu­ture is of­ten not con­tin­gent on mak­ing a be­quest or do­na­tion to the ser­vice provider, al­though sup­port for such pro­grams seems a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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NEW HOME: Pet foster carer Bre­anna, with her grand­mother, hold­ing Mickey

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