Oct24- Nov22

Sunday Territorian - - HOROSCOPES -

When you signed on the line, did you fully un­der­stand what you were agree­ing to? When you did the deal, did you know what deal had been done? Is this week’s Tran­sit of Mer­cury, in your op­po­site sign, caus­ing a de­gree of dis­com­fort be­cause you feel that you can no longer stick with an un­fair com­mit­ment or be­cause you are be­com­ing aware of how some­one else has stretched the rules of en­gage­ment, un­til they have started to take on a rather dif­fer­ent shape? Ei­ther way, this week, a pos­i­tive process of rene­go­ti­a­tion can be em­barked upon. Dis­cover the po­tent power of the Tran­sit of Mer­cury. Call

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