La­bor lip ser­vice is mean­ing­less

La­bor wants us all to help fig­ure out how it can get the NT’s books back in the black. Con­sul­ta­tion is great — but crowd­sourc­ing bud­get re­pair is tak­ing the piss

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WHEN La­bor promised in op­po­si­tion to be a con­sul­ta­tive govern­ment, it seemed in­nocu­ous enough.

Half­way through their first – and at this rate only – term it’s clear “con­sul­ta­tion” is its sub­sti­tu­tion for ac­tual lead­er­ship.

When Trea­surer Nicole Mani­son called me­dia to her of­fice on Fri­day morn­ing for brief­ing on her “plan for bud­get re­pair”, naively re­porters thought there might be an ac­tual plan in­volved.

In­stead, they re­ceived a 37page doc­u­ment which out­lined just how bad the Bud­get po­si­tion is (spoiler alert, it’s cooked) but had no ac­tual so­lu­tions other than a vague wish to halve ex­pen­di­ture growth across the next decade.

Rather than us­ing their highly paid Trea­sury staff who have nifty de­grees in things like eco­nom­ics to fig­ure out how to do that, La­bor wants you to come up with a so­lu­tion to its debt dis­as­ter.

They’ve opened up yet more con­sul­ta­tion un­til March to al­low unions, busi­ness, in- ON THE PRICE OF CHRIST­MAS HAMS

At a $100 for leg ham we will be go­ing with­out this year. Louise Shaw $20 a kilo......tell em they’re dream­ing! Mark Heath

The Big Ones get ex­actly zero dol­lars of our money on things like Hams. Shop Lo­cal. Es­pe­cially if your lo­cal butcher does his own. Clyde Bar­row

We get ours from Beta Coolalinga Butch­ers. $10.99kg grown and smoked in South dus­try and Mr and Mrs Malak to vol­un­teer their ideas.

I can save ev­ery­one three months of time and a bit of has­sle:

– pub­lic ser­vice unions will tell them not to cut the pub­lic ser­vice;

– in­dus­try will say cut the pub­lic ser­vice and cut in­dus­try red tape; Aus­tralia. Beau­ti­ful ham. Bart Mav­er­ick

Dont buy su­per­mar­ket pre­tend hams.Grab one from the lit­tle bloke.Hand made.Great ser­vice.Helps the lit­tle blokes stay alive! Gra­ham Thomas ON WHY SANTA PHO­TOS SHOULD BE STOPPED

Some­body try­ing to jus­tify their HECS fees again Ray Rowe

Yep, one of my sons re­fused to go near Santa when he was lit­tle and I re­spected his wants. Mar­garet Walker OMG I’ve been say­ing this for years. Mer­ryl Drum­mond

– a seg­ment of the busi­ness com­mu­nity will say they don’t give a stuff pro­vided they keep get­ting their cor­po­rate wel­fare;

– and Mr and Mrs Malak will say “don’t you dare put my rego up and can you please do some­thing about the state of the foot­path”.

Con­sul­ta­tion is great; crowd­sourc­ing bud­get re­pair is tak­ing the piss.

While they haven’t fig­ured out what they will do, Ms Mani­son gave a long list of things the Govern­ment won’t con­sider, in­clud­ing cut­ting the bloated pub­lic ser­vice, putting up power bills, or liv­ing within its means.

The Gun­ner Govern­ment’s aver­sion to mak­ing any de­ci­sion with­out first pay­ing costly

My kids hated veg­eta­bles too, but I made them eat them. #bul­ly­par­ent Leonie Vando

Oh re­ally now. Study for so long guess you have to say some­thing ev­ery now and then. Prob­lem is peo­ple be­lieve them and look how youth are grow­ing up. Their stupid opin­ions and voodoo work aren’t help­ing so­ci­ety or our chil­dren that’s for sure Gary Heath *au­di­ble groan Alan Fog­a­rty

I agree. Why would you let your child be in dis­tress in­ten­tion­ally. I asked my chil­dren. It was their de­ci­sion Michelle Filmer Thompson

Please cry­ing at Santa has never wor­ried my kids, they can’t even re­mem­ber do­ing it, toughen up par­ents xx Julie Bourne

Put the kid on your knee and sit next to Santa — sim­ple. Por­tia Walsh

Ac­tu­ally it is a proven fact that chil­dren are psy­cho­log­i­cally stressed with the process of birth. Lets hope that those that come up with this type of crap take heed of this be­fore they re­pro­duce. James Neill

Teach­ing chil­dren about “body bound­aries”? How about the “telling the truth” teach­ings? Ly­ing to chil­dren about Santa for years is surely more dam­ag­ing to trust. Rik Lind­ley

If you wanna a pic of Santa with ya kid then cool. I don’t think peo­ple should force their kid to do it. Melody Rum­bal

Wait my par­ents made me help clean the house when I didn’t want to. Were they be­ing bul­lies? Luke Don­nelly

Greta said to me that Santa was stalk­ing her as ev­ery­where she went he was there. Trevor Howat

Should not ever force them for a stupid photo ffs Bonni RyanSmith


The North­ern Ter­ri­tory cab­i­net needs to start walk­ing the walk

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