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Not crys­tal clear

A HIGH level de­part­ment staffer in the Chief Min­is­ter’s De­part­ment re­cently handed her un­der­lings a col­lec­tion of crys­tals she had picked up over the week­end. Bushie spies say she handed out the crys­tals dur­ing a Mon­day morn­ing meet­ing and dis­cussed how to recharge them and the ben­e­fits they would give if left on the desk. The well in­ten­tioned but weird ges­ture was de­signed to help staff get through a busy week be­fore the Christ­mas shut­down. Bushie is cu­ri­ous to know how many peo­ple have kept their crys­tals and how many have qui­etly turfed them into the bin.

What’s in a name?

DOZENS of Palmer­ston res­i­dents at­tended what has typ­i­cally been a quiet Palmer­ston coun­cil meet­ing on Tues­day night, largely due to the in­clu­sion of the pro­posed Pinelands Youth De­ten­tion Fa­cil­ity on the agenda. They had plenty of their own ideas, in­clud­ing a new nick­name for one of the NT’s min­is­ters. We’re not sure it’ll warm, but “Don Dale Wake­field” has an ap­pro­pri­ate ring to it con­sid­er­ing the cur­rent cir­cum­stances.

Spare a few bucks?

TREA­SURER Nicole Mani­son has been to the NT bud­get what Cap­tain Ed­ward Smith was to the Ti­tanic: full steam ahead, damn the ice­bergs. A re­port this week showed her govern­ment has been bor­row­ing money to pay in­ter­est on bor­rowed money. Bushranger is no econ­o­mist, but this sounds less than ideal. Mean­while, the hairy-armpit­ted, tie-dyed T-shirt mob at the En­vi­ron­ment Cen­tre NT tweeted on Fri­day af­ter­noon that the so­lu­tion to ev­ery­thing is to be­come a re­new­able en­ergy pow­er­house. Bushranger reck­ons they might have left that kom­bucha fer­ment­ing a bit too long.

Fifty shades of booze

DUR­ING a booze-filled dis­cus­sion with a cop­per this week, the topic of hand­cuffs came up. When are they le­gal to use? When is it as­sault if you use them and when is it deemed nec­es­sary? The ob­vi­ous joke was made – doesn’t it all come down to con­sent? One in­no­cent Dar­win per­son­al­ity, who will re­main name­less, was con­fused. “When does any­one ever give con­sent to have hand­cuffs put on them?” they asked. Whether or not the law-abid­ing ci­ti­zen was ever told of the al­ter­nate use of the bind­ings is not known.

Tiny dancer

WHO is the prom­i­nent Ter­ri­to­rian who hit the booze, and the dance floor, a lit­tle too well on Fri­day night. Bushie’s spies say that the wealthy well-known iden­tity’s dona­tions over the bar were much ap­pre­ci­ated, the un­usual dance moves were not as well re­ceived.

Surf’s up

ONE of the weather safety boffins got on the

ABC Ra­dio this week with some sage ad­vice for when a cy­clone is in­com­ing: it’s not a good time to go surf­ing or to check your crab pots. It is un­der­stood the Bor­roloola surf club can­celled its im­promptu big wave com­pe­ti­tion.


A WISE man once said that in life there are the haves and there are the have yachts. The boffins at the NT Govern­ment have con­cerns about the con­di­tion of few rusty old hulks moored up Sad­groves Creek. The name of one of the ves­sels: Trav­esty.

Fak­ing the rains

THE mon­soonal rains may not have ar­rived yet but the NTG is mak­ing sure those on Cave­nagh St still feel the wet stuff. It’s com­ing from the shade struc­ture (which doesn’t yet pro­vide shade) and is a mist­ing spray.

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