Sunday Territorian : 2018-12-16

FRONTIER : 37 : 37


FRONTIER 37 SUNDAY DECEMBER 16 2018 OSCAR CAINER WWW.CAINER.COM Imagine your delight if you were to arrive on the high street only to find that the hordes of shoppers had suddenly scattered like a disturbed flock of birds. Yet, isn’t making our way through the crowds part of what Christmas is all about? Uranus and Neptune’s relationsh­ip might not be easy this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t profit from its influence to achieve a satisfying result. As we move towards the powerful solstice full moon, it provides the wake-up call we need to put a creative cat amongst the pigeons. 1 2 What small lizard ‘chirps’? What childhood disease is also known as rubella? What was singer Cilla Black’s real name? The crab-eating fox is found on what continent? Which pop star played the scarecrow in the 1978 film, Mar21-Apr20 Jun23-Jul23 Sep24- Oct23 3 4 5 TheWiz? 6 How many Oscars did win? Where in Spain is the Alhambra Palace? In which year was Jacques Chirac elected as president of France? From which part of the palm tree is palm sugar made? Rhodesia became known as what independen­t nation in 1980? is the name of the ill-fated space ship in what 1968 science fiction film? What was designer Chanel’s real first name? What are the prongs of a fork called? Where on your body should you wear a sautoir? What does a meteorolog­ist study? In what year was Yoko Ono born? In which Australian state is the Brisbane Ranges National Park? Which production company produced the original animated series How many countries do The Alps cross? In which state was US president Abraham Lincoln born? True or false: Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt? Who created the animated TV series Chloe Lattanzi is the daughter of which Australian singer-actor? In what country did the dish pho originate? Sachin Tendulkar played cricket for which national team? The first Blu-ray disc prototypes appeared in which year? What is London’s building? Jackson is the capital city of which US state? Who wrote the novels and Is the Southern Tropic referred to as the Tropic of Cancer or the Tropic of Capricorn? BenHur 7 8 9 Apr21- May21 Jul24-Aug23 Oct24- Nov22 Jan21- Feb19 10 11 Icarus 12 Coco 13 14 15 16 17 May22-Jun22 Aug24-Sep23 Nov23- Dec21 Feb20- Mar20 18 Scooby-Doo? 19 20 21 22 FamilyGuy? 23 24 25 Today’s Solutions Regular Crossword Solution Cryptic Crossword Solution Today’s Sudoku Solution 26 Bins. 56 Homer, 55 Order, 53 Typed, 51 Pencil, 49 Okayed, 48 Beneath, 44 Socrates, 43 Talc, 42 Yobs, 41 Arvo, 38 Guillotine, 34 Discontinu­e, 33 Abhor, 31 rest, At 28 race,Rat- 26 Elver, 24 Avenge, 23 Squirms, 21 Yams, 19 Pare, 16 Herr, 15 Dangled, 10 Doing, 9 Accordance, 8 Surf, 7 Video, 6 Struck, 5 Varied, 4 Reviewed, 3 Colds, 2 Indifferen­t, 1 Serve. 61 Strudel, 60 Hedge, 59 Yachtsman, 58 Amplified, 57 Earshot, 54 Sock, 52 Notion, 50 Loop, 47 Forego, 46 Rota, 45 Basal, 44 Oyster, 40 Zaps, 39 Garb, 37 Through, 36 Run, 35 Vacated, 32 Fast, 30 Emus, 29 Marvel, 27 Aired, 25 Rare, 22 Ensued, 20 Dyke, 18 Frugal, 17 Chop, 14 Fisheye, 13 Direction, 12 Deliverer, 11 Aided, 8 vis,a-Vis- 4 Incur, 1 N E SE IDAETS RUTAN E D R E I GN I TLAXE T I NG I C G D S A SETAT IGA A R E N R R ERGED SELBAT O Z E A I ETNELAT T R A P AN I TER V I TAGEN P G V R ODAK IM CARTS ID C N E 27 tallest Quiz Solution E 28 Capricorn. of Tropic 30. Dahl; Roald 29. Mississipp­i; 28. Shard; The 27. 2000; 26. India; 25. Vietnam; 24. John; Newton- Olivia 23. MacFarlane; Seth 22. True; 21. Kentucky; 20. Eight; 19. Production­s; BarberaHan­na- 18. Victoria; 17. 1933; 16. Weather; 15. neck; your Around 14. Tines; 13. Gabrielle; 12. 11. Zimbabwe; 10. Sap; 9. 1995; 8. Granada; 7. 11; 6. Jackson; Michael 5. America; South 4. White; Priscilla 3. measles; German 2. Gecko; 1. 29 EsioTrot MyUncleOsw­ald? Down: E L D A E R T 30 Apes;theofPlane­t Answers, this page Across: We’re for giving Grab a double pass to in cinemas 10 January. Instant Family, Discover a new read on us today! Win a trip for two to New Caledonia members more. Limited stock. Conditions apply* Conditions apply^ Conditions apply~ More giveaways, discounts and exclusive offers. +Rewards Members can view now at When Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) decide to start a family, they explore the world of adoption. Tickets available from 11am AEDT on December 27. 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