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“THE best thing about be­ing a woman is the pre­rog­a­tive to have a lit­tle fun.”

So sings coun­try mu­sic su­per­star Sha­nia Twain.

I per­son­ally don’t know the best thing about be­ing a woman, be­cause I’m a bloke, but good ol’ Sha­nia was cer­tainly on to some­thing when singing about hav­ing a lit­tle fun.

As mil­lions of Aussies pre­pare to suf­fer the year’s big­gest case of Mon­day-itis as they re­turn to work af­ter their Christ­mas hol­i­days, their thoughts are prob­a­bly any­thing but fun.

While think­ing about the work year ahead and regretting that hol­i­days are over, we need to in­ject fun into our fi­nances.

The mega-rich like to spend money on fun.

For ex­am­ple, the Sul­tan of Brunei likes cars, so he’s got a ON ROSES CHOCO­LATES CHANG­ING FLAVOURS

I’m equally an­noyed that my frozen beans are not as long as they used to be. I think I will blame Cad­bury. John Benett

I was very dis­ap­pointed....had to eat the whole tin to be sure though! San­dra John­ston Miss the royal fudge. Jenny Cameron ON JOHNNY DEPP LEAV­ING THE PI­RATES SE­RIES

$10 says it bombs. Jeremy Wol­huter col­lec­tion of more than 5000 in­clud­ing 300 Fer­raris and 600 Rolls Royces.

Su­per-geek Bill Gates paid more than $US30 mil­lion for a note­book con­tain­ing the sci­en­tific writ­ings of his­tory’s great­est su­per-geek, Leonardo da

Saves mil­lions in pro­duc­tion costs, loses hun­dreds of mil­lions in po­ten­tial prof­its. Terry R H Ni­chols No point in watch­ing it now. Meg Carr

Wel­come to the end of Pi­rates of the Caribbean. Scott Liv­ing­stone

How do you make a Pi­rates movie with­out the star. Julie White Wont be watch­ing that any­more. Michelle Cross It will lack with­out him. Damien Ed­wards Vinci. The world’s rich­est man, Ama­zon founder Jeff Be­zos, spends bil­lions on start­ing space tourism.

But un­like the Sul­tan of Brunei, cars aren’t that im­por­tant to him – he drove a 1996 Honda Ac­cord to work af­ter be­com­ing rich.

Of course, it’s easy to buy fun when your cash is over­flow­ing.

But every­body needs to spend some of their money on fun.

Oth­er­wise we be­come a slave to the dol­lar. A sad, frus­trated slave.

If you love cars but can’t af- Will be a flop. Bai­ley Bai­ley

Yeah nah I’m done with pi­rates I only watch it for him. Jess Rose Hall

It’s not pi­rates of the Caribbean with­out him so why bother mak­ing an­other? Crys­tal M Hewi­son ON WOOLIES RE­LEAS­ING HOT CROSS BUN FLAVOURED ICE CREAM

Tried it on Thurs­day - it’s very nice. But I like Hot-X Buns to start with. Peter Thomas

The boys would like this in hot cross buns as an ice­cream sand­wich. Carly Pilling I am gonna have to try it. Def­i­nitely.. Jacq Law­son Now you can hot cross bun all day and night! Tom Vidins I’d rather eat a real Hot Cross Bun. Kay Stevens Wouldn’t they be cold cross buns ? El­liott Schae­fer Too soon....... Mar­cus Goldswor­thy

Pas­tor: “the wine his blood. This bread his flesh. And this ice­cream...” Jai­mon Car­roll I’m in­trigued but cau­tious... If I like it I’ll pos­si­bly ex­plode but you know... That’s a hard flavour to nail... Ni­cholas James Pub­lic ser­vice an­nounce­ment. Kelly Trevelyan

Woolies brand ice cream is my jam...WAIT, jam donut flavour would rock! Bradley Dul­varie Yeah!! Nup, not sure about that one. Liz Col­lenette Omg! have too find this! Sa­man­tha Boon Shut up and take my money! Ly­dia O’Sul­li­van I’m get­ting some of this to try to­day. John Vanarey

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Coun­try mu­sic su­per­star Sha­nia Twain was cer­tainly on to some­thing when singing about hav­ing a lit­tle fun. The fact is every­body needs to spend some of their money on fun

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