Oct24- Nov22

Sunday Territorian - - FRONTIER -

Do you know the song about a lady who swal­lowed a dog? She swal­lowed it to catch a cat, which she’d swal­lowed to catch a mouse, which she’d swal­lowed to catch a spi­der, which she’d swal­lowed to catch a fly. The ques­tion is; why she swal­lowed the fly in the first place? What­ever the rea­son, her story has served as a great les­son on how to treat a prob­lem. Don’t, this week, al­low a so­lu­tion to be­come more prob­lem­atic than the ac­tual prob­lem. Some­thing that looks trou­ble­some is much eas­ier than you imag­ine. Un­der the in­flu­ence of lucky Jupiter, you can change your life. Call

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