Sunday Territorian - - PUZ­ZLES -


1 In Mex­ico, a blan­ket a rep out at sea (6) 8 You’re in deep when your mast is bro­ken and there’s a panic (8) 9 A male cat, I see, may be­come ex­plo­sive (6) 10 On cam­pus, po­etry is all that there is (8)

11 Lit­tle brother, you start talk­ing and be­come very cruel (6)

13 I’ve got you cov­ered – just sing and you’ll get the cane (8)

16 Mister! There are alien

de­stroy­ers (8)

19 I scare eas­ily when a visit to the den­tist is called for (6)

22 A coun­try where they’re big on au­ral op­er­a­tions (8)

24 They give will­ingly and

point to open doors (6) 25 Stor­ing food that is to

be given to an­gels (8) 26 Shut in with the French

de­tec­tive (6)


2 The steroid which holds an­other com­pound (5) 3 Al­low it to en­ter and it gets mad (5)

4 In this cult it’s seen as fit to be eaten by man (8)

5 The airs they put on in In­dia! (4)

6 It dis­turbs me when I see an alien putting the cat out (6) 7 I’ll take no side with such an in­ven­tive per­son! (6)

12 How one rues be­ing a con­sumer (4)

14 Just in case those bound­ers fall for you (8)

15 Those Zulu war­riors have their eyes on that politi­cian (4) 17 When it comes to horses, one in five shows ease in han­dling them (6) 18 That game Greek is given

the bird (6)

20 The kind of anger one finds in the moun­tains (5)

21 You’ll re­gret head­ing off with that bird! (5)

23 I leave the New Zealan­der

and wan­der off (4)

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