Sunday Territorian - - PUZZLES -


1 I’ve seen him peep­ing and it makes me act (6) 7 Fol­lows he will! (8) 8 A lit­tle gen­tle­man the French find mild and re­fined (6) 9 They’re bloom­ing nice to have (8) 10 To an alien, ce­real is just for blow­ing on (6) 11 I re­peat, you are to look for an open­ing (8) 14 It may mean less to you but it must be treated with anonymity (8) 18 I find most witches ir­ri­tat­ing (6) 19 Lit­tle Va­lerie was on a charge right from the start (8) 21 Fright­ened to give help to one far away? (6) 22 It wasn’t handy and didn’t buy a lot, ei­ther (8) 23 One needs to be wellarmed in such joints (6)


1 He’s a tricky fel­low! (8) 2 The pur­pose of camp­ing out? (6) 3 Eaten by Ted de­spite be­ing tooth­less (8) 4 I pass out when I see snakes (4) 5 Ex­pect to get a dim re­sponse about such a small thing (6) 6 Needs a re-play to show his sport­ing prow­ess (6) 12 In East­erly gales there’s an­other way of stor­ing fod­der (8) 13 It’s a poem about se­cret agents told in parts (8) 15 He’s a flighty fel­low! (6) 16 Why it dis­turbs men be­ing un­friendly (6) 17 This sailor has the re­mains of an old in­jury caused by a bee­tle (6) 20 You’ll need a dis­guise to live like that! (4)

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