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4 I go all out to get a cen­tury – it’s good think­ing! (7)

8 Spooned with a St.

Paul, no less! (7)

9 The min­is­ter’s money and how he’ll spend it (7)

10 My lit­tle brother has it – his as­so­ci­a­tion with the shop­keep­ers (7)

11 Take heed be­fore your lit­tle one be­comes a recluse (7)

12 Hey, ho, pre­cious one! (6)

14 They break out right on

top of the re­mains (6)

18 It’s me in China, work­ing there (7) 21 Char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally en­ter­tain­ing for your read­ers (7)

22 About to run and per­haps true to my upbringing (7)

23 He’s the first to have a lit­tle

one so un­yield­ing (7)

24 She was the first to rest on a

moun­tain (7)


1 Is true love found where drinkers gather or is it the curves seen there? (7) 2 Al­though un­spo­ken it is in­cluded in the act (5) 3 I see a lit­tle bear in the French bed­room (7)

4 Eyed when 14-across got a head trans­plant (6)

5 You and I have only one leg but we’re so cun­ning (5)

6 I’ll show him af­fec­tion for he’s rich, in a man­ner of speak­ing (7)

7 De­posit it at the gate­keeper’s cot­tage (5) 13 Con­cerned with your un­cle be­ing seen at the cat­tle fod­der? (7)

15 Want a date? Then here’s the place for you (7) 16 Why events turn out dif­fer­ently af­ter the six­ties (7)

17 Fed up? Then get down and you’ll beat it (6)

18 It means some­thing else

at a min­is­ter’s place (5)

19 How to har­den your­self at find­ing such ruin in the east (5)

20 A Span­ish-speak­ing heel (5)

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