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1 What type of bird is a Har­lequin? 2 What is an­other well-known name for the North­ern Lights?

3 Dushanbe is the cap­i­tal of which Cen­tral Asian repub­lic?

4 Which coun­try has the great­est va­ri­ety of snakes?

5 What is the name of the French­s­peak­ing province of Canada?

6 Who wrote the nov­els Sur­fac­ing

(1972) and OryxandCra­ke (2003)? 7 Peter McCormick com­posed which fa­mous Aus­tralian song?

8 What is the most north­ern cap­i­tal city in Europe?

9 What pe­riod fol­lowed the Bronze Age?

10 Who played the ti­tle char­ac­ter in the 1965 film CatBal­lou?

11 The body of the Egyp­tian Sphinx is based on which an­i­mal?

12 In which Ital­ian re­gion is the red wine Chi­anti pro­duced?

13 Which coun­try’s cap­i­tal city is lo­cated on the is­land of Zealand? 14 Which James Bond vil­lain con­spired to blow up Fort Knox?

15 In Greek mythol­ogy, Eros, the god of love, is the son of whom?

16 Emily Blunt is mar­ried to which well-known ac­tor?

Name the mur­der­ous clown which ap­peared in the Stephen King novel It.

18 What is the fifth sign of the zo­diac?

19 A yel­low rose gen­er­ally sig­ni­fies what?

20 Which river runs through Bagh­dad?

21 What is the largest bone in the hu­man body?

22 What is Don­ald Glover’s mu­si­cal stage name?

23 Frieza, Goku and Pic­colo are char­ac­ters fea­tured in what car­toon se­ries?

24 Which is­land coun­try did Christo­pher Colum­bus dis­cover on a Sun­day?

25 What was the first ma­chine to use elec­tric­ity to send mes­sages?

26 How many dig­its does the largest known prime num­ber have?

27 I’mNotThere is a film which takes a look at the life of which singer?

28 What is the com­mon name for the clus­ter of stars called the Pleiades?

29 What fa­mous build­ing did English ar­chi­tect John Nash re­model from 1825-30?

30 Lope de Vega was most fa­mous for his work in which cre­ative field?

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