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1 For law-en­forc­ing, he must be on his met­tle (6) 8 They al­ways have the last word (8) 9 A fruit renowned for its cool­ness? (6) 10 It’s left with Eve to open but what’s in it for her? (8) 11 How a don­key might suf­fer in an at­tack (6) 12 In it and you’re in trou­ble! (4) 13 Dad dis­turbed the queen and had to snake out (5) 16 When it comes to ap­ples an alien will re­turn for a sam­ple (5) 19 The poor man is given this with calm sat­is­fac­tion (4) 21 It may rile nine Ro­mans but it’s a panacea for the rest of us (6) 22 She goes out with men – our ed­i­tor in­cluded. You could say they’re caught! (8) 23 Copy the guys as in days long past (6) 24 The men point to two aliens and where they dwell (8) 25 There’s one tiny alien be­ing there (6)


2 The ed­i­tor’s em­ploy­ing two Petty Of­fi­cers? I’m not in favour! (7) 3 There’s noth­ing sa­cred in that and for a pen to write it! (7) 4 When left with the drinks they be­come trou­ble­mak­ers (6) 5 Do try to re­turn their thanks and en­tice them to ac­cept it (7) 6 Brus­sels has a fol­low­ing and they’re young ones (7) 7 Such a slip­pery cus­tomer may hold his tongue yet still man­age to slan­der one (7) 13 Some would say nasty me but I try to do good things (7) 14 That’s a hard one! (7) 15 They may be paid in Stir­ling in the Aus­tralian navy (7) 17 I have a men­tal prob­lem – that’s food for thought (7) 18 You ride with high ex­plo­sive and carry a spear (7) 20 Re­main­ing com­posed, the ed­i­tor takes his seat (6)

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