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Aries Mar21-Apr20

Al­though you have many po­ten­tial routes to choose be­tween, most of these won’t take you to where you want to be. They only look ap­peal­ing be­cause you’re mak­ing your way along an ob­sta­cle strewn path. No won­der you’re think­ing about a past de­ci­sion with a sense of re­gret. Yet you al­ways knew this jour­ney would bring chal­lenges, and a di­ver­sion will just dis­tract you from your ul­ti­mate goal. Au­gust brings a chance to re­new your com­mit­ment. Sig­nif­i­cant gains are both pos­si­ble and prob­a­ble. You can change your life this Au­gust.

Taurus Apr21- May21

Since money doesn’t keep our planet spin­ning around, nei­ther is it go­ing to bring it crash­ing to a halt. Al­though it’s tempt­ing to make it the vil­lain of the piece, it’s our love of it, not the thing it­self, that causes prob­lems. This month, rather than look­ing for some­thing to blame, you’d be much bet­ter off fo­cus­ing on all the amaz­ing things peo­ple are do­ing. Al­though your ma­te­rial sit­u­a­tion isn’t guar­an­teed to im­prove in Au­gust, with the right at­ti­tude, you’ll be­come spir­i­tu­ally and emo­tion­ally en­riched. Au­gust is due to be amaz­ing.

Gemini May22-Jun22

We all en­joy tuck­ing up on the sofa to watch a good drama. We iden­tify with the char­ac­ters and re­late to their prob­lems so ef­fort­lessly that we find our­selves glued to the TV. It’s not so easy when we have in­tense is­sues to deal with in our own lives. Star­ring in our own soap opera is a dif­fer­ent story al­to­gether. When some­one you care about faces a chal­lenge this month, you’re tempted to jump in to help. Al­though this im­pli­cates you in a dra­matic sit­u­a­tion, events through­out Au­gust en­sure a happy end­ing. There’s great news in your Au­gust pre­dic­tion.

Can­cer Jun23-Jul23

You have a highly prized skill: an abil­ity to make a lit­tle money stretch fur­ther than most other peo­ple. Yet you can also spend it fast too. It’s a good bal­ance. After all, if we don’t need some­thing, why should life give it to us? Over Au­gust, the cos­mos brings the chance to cre­ate the right en­vi­ron­ment to im­prove your fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion. As long as you have faith in your abil­ity to cre­ate pos­i­tive change in your world, with Venus in your sign, there’s a strong like­li­hood that it will man­i­fest. Au­gust be­gins with a pow­er­ful full moon. Be in­spired.

Leo Jul24-Aug23

The start of Au­gust finds you on the front line, in the midst of the ac­tion. The re­spon­si­bil­i­ties rest­ing on your shoul­ders are adding to the chal­lenges you face. Well... that’s how it feels. Could the cos­mic forces have er­ro­neously placed you in charge of so many dif­fer­ent peo­ple and sit­u­a­tions? Even though you’re a con­fi­dent Leo, the tasks ahead seem daunt­ing. For­tu­nately, Au­gust brings much ap­pre­ci­ated as­sis­tance your way. If you add your power to some­one else’s, the ben­e­fits will touch many lives.

Virgo Aug24-Sep23

Chil­dren know what they want when they’re tiny, but they don’t know what they need. Al­though we grow wiser as we grow older, we tend to ig­nore the fact that we suf­fer from the same traits, even when we’ve grown up. We weave com­plex, in­tri­cate ex­cuses to jus­tify de­bat­able de­ci­sions, and strug­gle to iden­tify our self-pre­tences. There’s no guar­an­tee that Au­gust will bring you what you re­ally want, but you might find that you don’t need it. And that might make you feel very good in­deed. Trans­form you life in Au­gust.

Libra Sep24- Oct23

How will we recog­nise heaven when we get there? Will it re­sem­ble a slick TV ad; sun­shine, pina co­ladas, and ham­mocks to swing on as we watch the sun set­ting over an azure ocean? Does ev­ery­one have an ul­tra-bright smile and per­fect hair? Will you be able to af­ford any­thing and ev­ery­thing you de­sire? Come to think of it, how will we know that we’re not in hell? Watch out for eas­i­lyjumped-to con­clu­sions this month. As long as you look below the su­per­fi­cial, you’ll get heav­enly re­sults. You can change your life this Au­gust.

Scorpio Oct24- Nov22

The full moon at the start of Au­gust is a sign of hope­ful­ness. It’s time to have more faith in your fu­ture, which is pre­par­ing to wel­come you with open arms, and to have more con­fi­dence in who you are and where you’re go­ing. If there’s an is­sue that causes you to doubt your­self this month, reeval­u­ate its im­por­tance in your life. There’s a chance that you’re still hold­ing onto parts of your past that are no longer rel­e­vant. Fo­cus on your vi­sion of what “could” be pos­si­ble and you’ll em­brace the fu­ture you de­serve. Au­gust is due to be amaz­ing.

Sagit­tar­ius Nov23- Dec21

You can’t move a moun­tain with willpower alone. You need to have a strat­egy. And, un­less you’ve got all the time in the world, some sup­port wouldn’t go amiss ei­ther. The process you’re en­gaged with re­quires team ef­fort. For­tu­nately, when you find your­self out of your depth, you won’t have to look far to find peo­ple with the skills you need who are ready and able to as­sist you. They ap­pre­ci­ate your vi­sion, and they share your en­thu­si­asm too. Trans­for­ma­tion is pos­si­ble this month. There’s great news in your Au­gust pre­dic­tion.

Capri­corn Dec22-Jan20

If you’d like life to be filled with serendip­i­tous mo­ments, pic­ture your­self fish­ing in the river of good for­tune. Ev­ery time you make a catch, you win a prize. Even a piece of junk from the bot­tom of the riverbed will have its uses. Ei­ther some­one will need it, or you’ll be able to trans­form it, or it might con­tain hid­den trea­sures. If you’re not sure how you’re go­ing to be able to iden­tify this par­tic­u­larly abun­dant river from a nor­mal one, just ac­ti­vate your most pos­i­tive ex­pec­ta­tions. They’ll take you there. Au­gust be­gins with a pow­er­ful full moon. Be in­spired.

Aquar­ius Jan21- Feb19

Is the full moon in your sign at the start of Au­gust is a good omen? Aren’t you start­ing to feel hap­pier? Or are you still en­tan­gled in re­cent is­sues and chal­lenges? You’ve suc­cess­fully pro­tected your­self from feel­ing too over­whelmed by cre­at­ing a se­ries of pro­tec­tive bar­ri­ers. The chal­lenge is that as well as keep­ing trou­ble at bay, they’re keep­ing good peo­ple and things out. As the month pro­gresses and you find the con­fi­dence to lower your de­fences, your so­cial life and your mood will greatly im­prove.

Pisces Feb20- Mar20

There’s no sim­ple fix to the dilemma you face in Au­gust. Even if you find a sit­u­a­tion so tire­some that you want to walk away, your in­volve­ment makes it hard to ex­tri­cate your­self. Fo­cus­ing all your at­ten­tion on it won’t pro­vide you with the an­swer ei­ther, you’ve al­ready tried that to no avail. Yet the full moon, at the start of the month, is a clear sig­nal that you have the where­withal to re­gen­er­ate a sense of per­spec­tive. Once that’s es­tab­lished, you’ll know ex­actly what to do and how to do it. Trans­form your life in Au­gust.

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