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1 What is the sin­gu­lar term for a piece of data?

2 True or false: ac­tor Al Pa­cino has never been mar­ried?

3 Ho Chi Minh City in Viet­nam was for­merly known as what?

4 What na­tion­al­ity is Markus Zusak, au­thor of TheBookThi­ef?

5 What su­per­hero was played by Lind­say Wag­ner in the 70s US se­ries?

6 In medicine, the word ‘styp­tic’ refers to some­thing that stops what?

7 In which Mel­bourne sub­urb is the Moun­tain Goat Beer brew­ery?

8 What type of crea­ture is the Bel­uga, Omura’s and the com­mon minke?

9 Eiswein is wine made from grapes that have been what on the vine?

10 The cy­clops was a fig­ure in the mythol­ogy of which coun­try?

11 N’Dja­mena is the cap­i­tal city of which African coun­try?

12 Which car com­pany makes the models A4, TT and R8?

13 What is the name of the hunter who al­ways fails to catch Bugs Bunny?

14 Which dis­or­der cre­ates pauses in breath­ing pat­terns while sleep­ing?

15 Which US city’s name is Span­ish for The Mead­ows?

16 What is the cur­rency of Brazil?

17 Arthroscop­y refers to surgery on what parts of the hu­man body?

18 What species of shark is the crea­ture in the book and film Jaws?

19 What was the name of Wil­liam Shake­speare’s wife?

20 Which coun­try was for­merly known as Kam­puchea?

21 What is the only film to have been nom­i­nated in ev­ery el­i­gi­ble cat­e­gory at the Academy Awards?

22 What is the largest in­ter­nal or­gan in the hu­man body?

23 Which of the fol­low­ing is not a base metal: nickel, gold or zinc?

24 Was David or Richard At­ten­bor­ough once a se­nior man­ager at the BBC?

25 Pi­rate Ed­ward Teach was bet­ter known by what name?

26 What is thought to be the largest an­i­mal ever to have lived on Earth?

27 In Greek mythol­ogy, which god gave King Mi­das the abil­ity to turn what­ever he touched into gold?

28 How many chil­dren did Charles Dick­ens have?

29 Which Aus­tralian singer-song­writer was born David Gor­don Kirk­patrick in 1927?

30 Which rock band, formed by Gene Sim­mons and Paul Stan­ley, was orig­i­nally named Wicked Lester?

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