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THREE out of four Australian­s believe they are buying bacon made with Australian pork, despite most pork products being made with imported pork, research reveals.

While up to 6kg of bacon is consumed by the average Aussie each year, a survey of 1500 people found almost half believed that even bacon bought in the deli section of a supermarke­t was primarily made with local pork.

About 70 per cent of those surveyed by Australian Pork Limited claimed that if they knew their bacon was made with imported pork, they may choose not to buy it.

An overwhelmi­ng 85 per cent said they were happy to pay more to make sure their bacon was Australian. The survey revealed that only 8 per cent claimed to buy pork from a local butcher. A 2019 study found 45 per cent of Aussies enjoyed bacon and egg rolls over bacon and avo.

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