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AUSTRALIAN strawberry farmers are pleading with buyers to stock up on strawberri­es as the industry takes another hit due to Covid-19 lockdowns.

The Queensland Strawberry Growers Associatio­n put a call out on social media asking Australian­s to support farmers by buying strawberri­es as prices plummet.

“Queensland Strawberry farmers need you to buy strawberri­es at the craziest low prices ever!” it said.

“Every punnet you buy will help strawberry farmers to stay afloat and tackle oversupply issues and food wastage.

“With prices per punnet as low as $1, head to your local fruit shop or supermarke­t today to help save our strawberri­es.”

Mountains of perfectly good strawberri­es could be dumped if sales do not pick up, in a devastatin­g blow to farmers.

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