Sunday Territorian

Test your knowledge


1. How many players are on a netball team?

2. In which city was the first undergroun­d railway built?

3. What is the main ingredient of Ukranian borscht?

4. The Netherland­s consists of how many provinces?

5. Manga are comics or graphic novels created in which country?

6. Did hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the US in 2000, 2005 or 2010?

7. Who potrayed Mohandas K. Ghandi in the 1982 film Ghandi?

8. What was the actual first name of writer Tennessee Williams?

9. What is the capital of Somalia?

10. Europa is a moon of which planet?

11. In which country is the city of Akureyri?

12. In which country is the Nurburgrin­g Grand Prix circuit located?

13. Who is regarded as the patron saint of Wales?

14. In which city was Cate Blanchett born?

15. TV series The Sopranos is mainly set in which US state?

16. On what date is Guy Fawkes Day celebrated?

17. Which Sesame Street character has appeared in the most episodes?

18. Which wheat is a main ingredient of taboulleh?

19. What is Canada’s largest province?

20. In what year was the city of Adelaide establishe­d?

21. A shuttlecoc­k is made from the feathers of what bird?

22. Which artist created the painting Girl with a Pearl Earring?

23. In human anatomy, where are the incus bones found?

24. Dodoma is the capital of which African country?

25. Who directed the 1999 Oscarwinni­ng film American Beauty?

26. What two countries are separated by the Dead Sea?

27. What is the main ingredient of the French dish escargot?

28. In golf, what term is used for a hole played in two strokes under par?

29. In which country would you find Los Glaciares National Park?

30. Until 2011, which country’s flag was just one colour with no design, insignia or other details?

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