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Bartel’s snorting video ‘a moronic, harmful message’


A FORMER Police Commission­er fears impression­able people could begin to use cocaine after high-profile influencer Nadia Bartel escaped drug charges.

Kel Glare said that the decision not to charge the former AFL WAG with drug charges may send a harmful message that cocaine use was accepted in society.

“It sets a bad example, and it could lead to a bigger issue. There might be people who think, ‘it’s not a problem if I take cocaine, as long as I don’t get caught with it’,” Mr Glare, former Victoria Police Commission­er, said.

Victoria Police Chief Commission­er Shane Patton this week confirmed the force had been unable to prove the substance Ms Bartel was filmed snorting last Thursday was an illicit drug. Ms Bartel and three others were each fined $5452 for breaching coronaviru­s restrictio­ns after an illegal lockdown party at a Melbourne property.

Mr Glare slammed the actions of Nadia Bartel and her friends as “stupid” and “irresponsi­ble”.

“Not many people are stupid enough to have themselves filmed doing an illegal act. You’ve got to be something of a moron to do that,” he said.

Mr Glare said the incident raised questions about how cocaine is policed.

“It’s not a good look from any perspectiv­e … It fell into the category where it was ‘too hard to prove’. Having no physical substance to test, it puts police behind the eight ball. Once there is a substance to test, it becomes an entirely different story,” he said.

 ??  ?? Nadia Bartel.
Nadia Bartel.

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