Sunday Territorian

Dressed for success


Last year, Puppet gave some viewers the creeps, Cactus’s curves raised eyebrows and Queen’s skirt was a high point. When it comes to the costumes, everyone has an opinion. And the judges are no exception. Here are their favourites from this season:

DANNII MINOGUE: “It has got to be a toss-up between

Dolly and Baby, but I know

[son] Ethan will go crazy for Volcano and Professor.

And there is Piñata, too!

I just can’t choose.”

DAVE HUGHES: “Kebab, because it was falafel, which is right up my vegan alley.” URZILA CARLSON: “They’re all adorable, but I really enjoyed Mullet. I have a soft spot for a bogan. I’m a bogan… a good bogan.”

JACKIE O: “I thought Volcano was an incredible costume. Dolly was another favourite and so was Mullet – he’s such a bogan! I fell in love instantly.”

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