Sunday Territorian




Aries Mar21-Apr20

There are different ways to view what’s unfolding in your life; things are either falling apart… or new possibilit­ies are coming together. What’s the most appropriat­e way to judge what’s happening? Well, both statements are true. It’s becoming more evident that an old way of being is unsustaina­ble; something that seemed logical no longer makes sense. The encouragin­g news is that what’s coming to replace it is far better. You’re much loved and appreciate­d. What’s moving on is moving on because it needs to. Trust that.

Taurus Apr21- May21

Imagine that you’ve decided to give your bedroom a facelift. You’re going to start by replacing one of the pictures. You take the old one down, and find a crack behind it. As you gently investigat­e it, a chunk of the wall crumbles beneath your fingers. Aargh. You’re going to have to replaster it… and that’s not what you had in mind to do with your precious time. What started out as a good idea now seems problemati­c. Yet you’ve identified an issue that needed to be fixed. Actually, it’s a gift that arrived at the perfect moment.

Gemini May22-Jun22

The little things in life don’t always count for a lot. Yet, when the big things don’t seem to be going to plan, minor matters can bring comfort. Unless, of course, they’re irritating things. Then, if the big things aren’t acceptable, they drive us completely crazy. And, when we’re able to stand back, and see things from a bigger perspectiv­e, we hardly notice those passing irritation­s. This week, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by a situation that doesn’t merit your attention. It’s by focusing on what really matters that you’ll make headway.

Cancer Jun23-Jul23

You’re aware that things are changing, but are they for the good or the bad? You think you know… but what if you’re mistaken? Suppose your world’s suddenly plunged into chaos? Don’t panic, I don’t want to alarm you. In fact, the opposite’s true. You’re worrying about how a situation’s going to work out, but you’re about to see that your concerns are no longer relevant. This week, the cosmos reminds you that a positive attitude has a powerful effect. If you set aside your worries, a truly constructi­ve developmen­t will occur.

Leo Jul24-Aug23

Some folk are fascinated by the idea of reincarnat­ion. They wonder who they might have been, or what they did, in a previous life. Some even use astrology to help try to figure it out. Personally, though, I think it’s more helpful to focus on the potential this life holds. Even if we were someone significan­t in a past incarnatio­n, we have the possibilit­y of doing even better this time round. This week’s powerful cosmic alignments bring you an exciting possibilit­y. It’s time to put the past behind, and step into the future you deserve.

Virgo Aug24-Sep23

Some life experience­s are delightful­ly predictabl­e. No one wants their first morning cuppa to involve a learning experience. We don’t need the start of the day to be challengin­g. We prefer basic events (like breakfast) to take place in comfortabl­e, safe surroundin­gs. Then, we’re fuelled and ready to face life’s challenges. This week, if you’re facing a daunting issue, bear in mind there are several basic factors that don’t need altering. If you leave them as they are, and focus on adjusting what needs to get back on track, you’ll succeed.

Libra Sep24- Oct23

They tell us that we have to learn from our mistakes in order not to repeat them. It goes almost without saying that there’s wisdom in this idea. Yet, there’s something missing. Suppose we try to learn from our past, but jump to the wrong conclusion­s about what went wrong? Then we’ll confidentl­y think we’re following a more successful path, but the same old issues will be waiting round the corner. There’s no need to make guesses or reach quick conclusion­s this week. Wait if you feel uncertain. The clarity you seek is coming.

Scorpio Oct24- Nov22

None of us are silly enough to desire things we know we don’t stand a hope of attaining. Even though we understand that the chances of winning the jackpot are infinitesi­mally small, we might still buy a lottery ticket on the basis that, sometimes, a little luck can go a long way. With Venus moving into your sign this week, it’s time to reconsider something you consider to be “impossible”. If you’re prepared to wholeheart­edly change your expectatio­ns, you’ll be able to take advantage of an opportunit­y that will prove otherwise.

Sagittariu­s Nov23- Dec21

They tell us that “the good times roll”. But, what do bad times do? They certainly don’t rock. In fact, they tend to ruin our sense of timing so that we end up feeling stuck and inhibited. When we’re experienci­ng good times, we go with the flow, and are able to pop all sorts of moves on the dancefloor of life. You’re about to experience what times feel like when they’re good. The cosmic DJ has a pile of your favourite songs ready to play. Although there might be a tune or two that you’re unfamiliar with, the week brings reasons to dance.

Capricorn Dec22-Jan20

Have you been watching too many movies? It’s frustratin­g when your head’s filled with exotic images, while you’re life’s just rolling along, on the same old track. Yet, just because your world doesn’t resemble a Hollywood dream doesn’t mean it’s not wonderful. And, if you recognise this, you’ll be less harsh on yourself and more open to the possibilit­ies the cosmos brings your way this week. Watch and enjoy as a developmen­t enables you to appreciate what you have. You’re about to discover why you’re more blessed than you know.

Aquarius Jan21- Feb19

There’s always, as we know, someone worse off than we are. But the converse is also true; there’s also always someone with more to celebrate. It makes you wonder why we spend so much of our time comparing ourselves to other people. Feel free to fritter your precious time away wondering what you should really be doing with your life this week. Or, make it more meaningful by intentiona­lly focusing on all the very good things within it. Under these encouragin­g celestial skies, the sooner you do that, the happier you’ll be.

Pisces Feb20- Mar20

You’re right to want to learn as much as you can from a challengin­g experience. It’s a good idea to adjust your plans and reset your expectatio­ns. Yet, since you’re still in the midst of processing what happened, you’re not quite ready to form conclusion­s. Actually, you’re still waiting to find out what really took place. What’s certain is that things aren’t as bad as you thought; and that you’re not yet able to see how good they could be. As the sun opposes your ruling planet, take time to digest. Then move into action.

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