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Aries Mar21-Apr20

It’s only when we get dangerousl­y close to the edge that we appreciate the value of being on “middle ground”. Safe, secure situations often feel a bit dull, whereas extremes are exhilarati­ng. Yet the sense of exhilarati­on is only sustainabl­e if we’re able to retreat back to safe territory, taking some of the excitement with us. With your ruler, Mars, taking centre stage in this month’s exciting cosmic drama, be ready for action and adventure. But don’t forget to take advantage of the intervals in between to refresh your batteries.

Taurus Apr21- May21

Sometimes, we look at the world around us and shake our heads. None of it seems to make much sense. It seems bewilderin­gly complicate­d, unfair and just “wrong”. On other occasions, we feel excited and inspired. What causes our change of mood? It isn’t always because life starts going our way. We don’t have to get lucky in order to feel happy. We just have to find ways to rise above the difficulti­es. You can do that this month. Under October’s powerful cosmic climate, you’ll have real reasons to feel hopeful and happy with your world.

Gemini May22-Jun22

Whatever October has in store for you, it doesn’t involve much peace and quiet. Action and adventure lie ahead. There’s a lot going on in your world that’s causing you a degree of stress. It’s easy to get caught up in life’s trials and troubles, distractio­ns and disruption­s, arguments and adventures as the soap opera rumbles on, pulling you in its wake. But this month, if you take advantage of the moments of respite; step back, and view unfolding events with a more objective attitude, you can be at your most productive best.

Cancer Jun23-Jul23

It’s not easy to concentrat­e when you’re experienci­ng powerful emotions. When feelings are running high, logic takes a back seat. It can’t compete with intense moods – so it doesn’t even try. But this could be perfectly acceptable this month. What you’re feeling is valuable. Even if it makes no sense, it won’t disappear until it’s been fully faced. Don’t go too far, in October, just on the strength of feelings you can’t properly explain or support – but don’t suppress them either. Soon enough, the most powerful emotion in your life will be joy.

Leo Jul24-Aug23

As we start a new month, a pleasing process is beginning to unfold. It’s time for you to raise your game and lower your level of inhibition. Under auspicious skies, you’ll find you’re able to think the unimaginab­le, say the unsayable, and contemplat­e the unthinkabl­e. It’s time to use your ingenuity and be as creative as you can be. Almost as fast as you discover a solution, start to implement it. No matter what challenges come your way, if you envisage a resolution you’ll find ways to turn things round so that they work, very pleasingly, in your favour.

Virgo Aug24-Sep23

We don’t always find it easy to say the word “no”. Some people have to practise it before they can say it. Others are so allergic to hearing it that they never ask questions that could provoke a negative response. If you find yourself facing any obstacles this month, check to see if they’re being fuelled by resentment. Although it’s not an easy emotion to deal with, if you’re prepared to face and deal with unresolved past issues, you’ll hear “yes” far more than you hear “no”. Then, you can negotiate a way through complex situations with ease.

Libra Sep24- Oct23

What moral issue do you need to stop and examine? Why does your life require a change of attitude and direction? You know the answer – or at least, you will before the end of October. With Mars in your sign taking centre stage in an exciting cosmic climate, a symbolic, emotive choice can be made. As a series of events unfolds, your awareness will grow and you’ll find that surprising and innovative new possibilit­ies present themselves. By the end of the month you’ll be well on your way towards setting (and achieving) new, exciting goals.

Scorpio Oct24- Nov22

Would you like to have your life back in your hands? Or are you happy to keep it out on loan? After all, the person you’ve lent it to seems to be doing a reasonably good job of living it for you. They’re making lots of decisions on your behalf. And what about the situations that seem to be beyond your control? They’re not reinforcin­g your sense of selfsuffic­iency either. This month brings a resurgence of energy and desire. It will enable you to reaffirm your entitlemen­t to some choice and power. It’s time to stand firm and be strong.

Sagittariu­s Nov23- Dec21

You need to know the answer to a critical question. Actually, though, you already have it. It’s just that you don’t quite trust your judgment. You’re stuck because you think you need to have more informatio­n. Under this month’s dynamic cosmic climate, you’ll quickly realise that there’s nothing else to discover. It’s becoming clear that you already know everything you need to know. Then, you’ll be able to take action. There’s less to do than you think. And, as events will prove, you won’t have to make much effort to achieve your goal.

1300 017 319 Capricorn Dec22-Jan20

They tell us that what we don’t know won’t harm us. Yet that’s not always true. When we don’t realise that we don’t know something, we’re open to deception. And, when we’re aware that there’s something we don’t know, we’re alert to the potential of a discovery. You’re aware of the fact that you don’t have the full picture about someone (or something). Informatio­n is being withheld, or new facts are cropping up and you don’t understand what they mean. In October, you just need to know that you’ll soon know all you need to know.

Aquarius Jan21- Feb19

If you’re happy with what lies on your horizon, keep looking and you’ll find more to appreciate. If you’re not, try looking more closely. You’ve overlooked something. Under October’s intense skies, it’s understand­able that you’re beginning to have profound reactions to the developmen­ts that are unfolding. You’re feeling uncomforta­ble about aspects of your past. Yet this is positive. It’s part of a process that leads to more power, strength and success. This month brings you the insight to see that you’re making excellent choices.

Pisces Feb20- Mar20

Why are the simplest things sometimes so difficult? Why do we end up wrestling with problems that we should be able to sweep aside? There are lots of different theories. Some people think the cosmos consciousl­y clouds our judgment. Or creates situations that test us. That may, or may not be true. Yet, every so often, we get a lucky break. We see what’s going on, we know what we need to do, and we can make everything OK. October brings clarity. You’ll find yourself able to sort out your difficulti­es and fulfil a dream. 1.

How many Canterbury Tales were written by Geoffrey Chaucer?

2. Which golfing term means three under par?

Feint, lunge and riposte are all terms used in which sport?

Who quit The Rolling Stones in 1992?

Tirana is the capital of which European country?

Who created the fictional detective Dirk Gently?

Where does Babar the Elephant live in the children’s books created by Jean de Brunhoff?

8. What nationalit­y was Romantic composer Frédéric Chopin?

9. Who wrote the novel GoneWith theWind?

10. Philadelph­ia and Pittsburgh are the two most populous cities in which US state?

11. Which is the hottest planet in our solar system?

12. A mandir is a temple of which religion?

13. How many snooker balls are on the table at the beginning of a frame?

14. A musical stave consists of how many parallel horizontal lines?

15. The 1991 film PointBreak concludes at which iconic Australian surf location?

16. How many Formula One World Championsh­ips did Michael Schumacher win?

17. Who was the prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1970 to 1974?

18. In what year did the US TV show DaysofOurL­ives debut?

19. In which US state was Hillary Rodham Clinton born?

20. Where is Jim Morrison of the band The Doors buried?

21. What is a thick, creamy soup of French origin, often made with pureed lobster?

22. Arabian oryx, chinkara, and blackbuck are types of what animal?

23. DJ Debris is a member of which South Australian hip hop group?

24. Who played Marv in the movie SinCity?

25. What is the highest rank in sumo?

26. Dick Cheney was Chief of Staff under which US president?

27. Who created the sibling characters Charlie and Lola?

28. What is the name of the fleshy protuberan­ce on a turkey’s forehead?

29. The Minotaur of Greek mythology was a hybrid of a human and what other creature?

30. Nuku’alofa is the capital of which South Pacific nation? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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